Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Kinds of Email I'm getting

OK - what are the chances that there are famous people sending me email that may or may not be trustworthy? It might not be trustworthy, but here's the scary thing:

Today I got an email from someone who claims to be, or shares their name with, or is fraudulently pretending to be, an NHL Hockey Player.

Again, he's my age, from my country, born in another city that's related to a family member of mine.

Chances are this isn't real. It's really not likely to be real - to get email from famous people like this.

Yes. Chances are I'm receiving fraudulent spam that only claims to be from a famous person.

Of course, I've got a number of spambox emails now that show a picture of two girls, and one of them looks kind of like Avril Lavigne, except the photograph conveniently cuts off the tops of their heads.



So, the email that claims to be from an NHL Player is basically a Christmas Gift, Santa's Elves giving me a $100 McDonald's Gift Card.

I clicked on the link, but the offer wasn't available in my area. It's funny, that these guys would use famous Canadian people to talk to me but the offer isn't valid in Canada.

But, I'll will note that this email appears to have ties to Minnesota, as the NHL player is or was a Minnesota Wild's player and the email claims itself to be from Minnesota.

It could be real for all I know, but I have to be paranoid. Use Caution and common sense.

But the offer just happened to be not available in my area.


Oh, and I'm reminded, someone tried to use one of my email addresses for their Instagram account today ---- and yes, I did not activate it, I actually pressed the button that's opposite of activation.


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