Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The "Body Double" Explanation

So: I saw my psychiatric doctor today. I did not see my doctor the last time I was at the clinic getting my injection.

I told my doctor about seeing, three weeks ago, what look or appeared very much to be Avril Lavigne in the lobby of the clinic.

My doctor looked shocked or surprised that I would talk about Avril Lavigne being present at the psychiatric clinic, but the doctor seemed to have an explanation::


Yes!! That is my doctor's explanation!! They actually had a BODY DOUBLE of Avril Lavigne at my psychiatric clinic! She walked in when I came in, and she walked out with me. Absolutely amazing.

So, I guess that's it then. The doctors or nurses or whoever are so interested in my relationship with Avril Lavigne or are somehow trying to understand something to the point of having a freakin' BODY DOUBLE visit the clinic while I get my injection. Wow.

She did not go into detail on that topic though.


And, I think I have finally found a very good explanation why I don't make money selling my books or video games: I'm not allowed to.

I grew up very poor, I grew up asking God for a million dollars, so of course it should be no surprise that I've been trying to make money.

But, I read in a magazine recently that meeting God or someone related to God and then trying to make money from it is frowned upon by the Catholic Church.

So, though I wrote a book about my life, because the story of my life involves Jesus appearing I am apparently not allowed to make money from the story. Makes sense - but that is culture shock for me since Mormons are always capitalizing on God and religion, and I grew up with the Mormon church.

So yeah, I am such a pathetic person that I have to get disability welfare in order to live my life, I grew up so poor that I couldn't help but go crazy, and I'm not allowed to make money from telling my story.

Makes sense.

Do I wish I had more money? Of course I do, but figuring out a way of earning it is not easily apparent on my mind. Maybe I'll become a farmer. Who knows.

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