Monday, December 21, 2015

Scary Dream

I used to have dreams like this, probably worse than this, when I was a kid.

Last night I dreamed my teeth didn't fit in my mouth properly, and things started to get wiggly and fally-outy.

I learned on Youtube that this is a common dream that a person will have when they are no longer in control in their own life.

I had this dream a lot when I was a kid, and I would say I wasn't in control of my own life back then.

But I think I had the same dream last night - so I wonder what's going on now.


As for those emails I wrote last night::::

Either the person who wrote me is who they claim to be, or they aren't.

If they are this famous actress, then that's kind of expectable consider the life I've been living, with how people might start talking about me, and with how I send Avril Lavigne donations.

If this a fake name on the email - then I'm wondering if I should be worried because simply by looking up this name on wikipedia, I can see that the name directly personally relates to me in my own life with the origin story of named actress.

Should I be excited or worried? I mean, either is a possibility.

If anything, it's a real big novelty to receive email from a "famous person", whether it be real or just a spammer personally identifying me. Interesting.

Not sure what else to say about this.

Does this have anything to do with a dream I had last night that tells me I'm not in control of my own life anymore? We'll just have to see I guess.

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