Monday, December 14, 2015

Sat down to play some OUYA

This evening I figured I could play a game on my Forge (because the game I was thinking of is actually really nice and well done), but then I realized my OUYA was plugged in instead of my Forge, and I didn't feel like switching the cables, so I played my OUYA instead.

I started off by playing this one game - and when I watched the opening sequences and played the game a bit, I realized just how awesome a job the developer had done on the title - way more advanced than anything I've put out.

I then played my own game, Air Defence, and as I played I remembered that time someone on OUYA Forum reviewed the game and criticized it harshly. But, I realize, that though it hurt to receive the negative feedback - fact is, that negative feedback is what inspired me to make the game better. You see, I had memories of what the original versions of the game were like, and I realized that the OUYA Forum criticism caused me to add and change some parts of the game that actually made it at least a bit better. I actually found myself sitting there, playing my own game, feeling THANKFUL for the harsh criticism I received -- thankful that someone helped drive me to make my own game better.

But, in all seriousness, with OUYA, I was nearly a beginner in the development world (previously having built practise projects in school and for myself), a beginner at android development, and well, in my history of developing OUYA games I have been mistaking and failing pretty steadily throughout the processes.

I mean, I screwed up on Pfhonge, I screwed up on ICBM, I screwed up on Air Defence, I even screwed up a bit on Doorless Darts - and then I screwed up on Blaine Bananatree too. Yes, it's all been a learning process, continually trying to make my games better. The only game I haven't realized any total screw ups in so far is The Bananatree Brothers, but the game buying community must've not forgotten my past screw ups and haven't been buying my latest game.

First off, I realize that most or even all newly released games on the OUYA/Cortex Store haven't been seeing many or any purchases in the past few weeks, so it's not just me that they're not buying (sort of thankfully).

But, I am happy, that someone gave The Bananatree Brothers a FIVE STAR rating. I know, unbelievable isn't it? It's a game I finally didn't have any easily perceptible screw-ups in, and I actually got the highest rating from one person. Makes me feel a bit happy actually.

Today I played some Bananatree Brothers with my Dad and my Brother - and I realized I was actually having fun with it! I mean, the Bananatree games seem really-really stupid - but I was actually having fun! Yippee.

So, maybe I'm progressing in my abilities, where I've finally released a game with no instantly or quickly perceived screw-ups in the final product, and I'm glad that I've "improved" as a developer as such.

Only problem is ---- people don't seem to buy very much, so without a lot of sales, I don't feel the greatest amount of encouragement to continue working.

I figure I may have more success garnering extra income from investing in the Stock Market, and as very few people actually pay for my actual work, maybe I can forget about working for a while. It's just that - the Stock Market actually makes money for me and my family, while actual work doesn't earn myself very much.

I just think it's kind of sad that I can earn so much from doing work that doesn't actually serve anybody, and when I do work that serves people, they won't pay me for it. That much is discouraging.

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