Monday, December 21, 2015

Receiving Interesting Emails

I've warned you all on this website:: I have or had a history of sending lots of bulk email to people I wanted to talk to throughout my life.

Recently, my bulk email has died down quite a bit --- I now mostly just email my grandparents, as well, as send the odd charitable gift with a message to Avril Lavigne.

Well, someone must've decided it's now my turn to receive all the bulk email and even potential gifts.

So, I've got two emails here (which both went to my Spam box) which I received from someone who shares their name with a famous person.

Either it is a famous person, or they are sharing or imitating or something.

So::: This potentially famous person who has sent me these two emails in the past week is Calgarian-born (same city as me), born in my birthyear (1984), shares her birthday with my sister and yeah, it's kind of interesting like that.

Basically, whoever is "spamming" me, is claiming to be potentially related to a famous person who is very personally relatable to me in where I come from, my origins, as is stated on wikipedia about this famous person.

I mentioned that I sent Avril Lavigne gifts with messages right? Well, the two emails this potential celebrity (or a scam artist, or whatever it might be) sent both messages about a "thank you" from Amazon or some such, wants me to fill out a survey and give me $100.

Considering how I've been living my life, this might just be the entertainment community's response to me pestering Avril Lavigne.

But, I do also have a cautious paranoid mindset that tells me not to trust stuff like this.

Well, I'm amazed that Amazon would send me a thank-you through a famous actress who comes from my hometown and is my own age.

Something so strange about this --- it might be expectable considering that I rank so highly on the O/Z-Rank with one of my games and that I'm not sure I can trust everything I read,

But yeah, I can't trust everything I read, so of course, I sit here "paranoid" about what the actual nature of these messages are.

I suppose that Avril Lavigne herself may have had similar paranoia about me approaching her when I initially did. The one thing that made it clear that I was somehow a real or authentic person (if she ever figured out that I was real or authentic) was the bit of magic that started happening. Anywho.

So - considering my life, it might be totally real that an actress would email me.

The thing is --- She made her email LOOK like "spam" ----- which of course may have just been in response to all the bulk email I've ever sent, but anywho.

Life's fun. I'm enjoying it.


I'll also mention that somehow, as if by Santa's magic, my wristwatch strap/band broke today, as if I am being fatefully led to new electronics (which I have already ordered). It's a great excuse for a new toy, if anything.


Also:::: I wrote this blog post on my Ubuntu 15.10 machine and it never crashed!! I think the solution was just entering this command in the terminal: "sudo apt-get autoremove". Removed old software clogging the system, and now I'm not crashing on blogger. yay.

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