Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Impressive Mentalism

The Bananatree Brothers, my latest video game release, is now ranked 75th on the O-Rank. Yay me.


So, for the past few attempts at mind-reading I made in the past few days, I wasn't really having much or any success. I did try to think of reasons why that might be, and yeah, I have an idea of why, but what I really wanted to say is this:

Today, on two different occasions in the day, I asked GOD to allow me to successfully read my father's mind. Basically, rather than just walking up to my dad and trying a reading, I specifically asked God before each test to help me do it.

These are my results:

On the first test, I read and wrote down:

E (C or I) E

On this test, my Dad's original was:

E H 1

I was immediately very happy with myself once I saw how well I had done. I got a very strong E reading, and one E was enough, but my I could be a sideways H or a variation on 1, so I felt I accomplished maybe ~2/3 but definitely at least 1/3 on this one.

On the second test, I read and wrote down:

S (D or B) A

On the second test, my Dad's original was:

A D 4

2/3. Again. Pretty close to 2/3 twice in a row on the same day. It's not a perfect 2/3 each time, because I had a 4th character included in my guess each time, but I still think I did pretty well.

When I say (X or Y) in my reading, that means I wrote down 2 different characters for the 2nd character in the sequence. I do this because I am not completely entirely sure exactly what I'm looking at - sometimes I get more than one character at a time and I don't know which to choose, and sometimes the image is just a bit blurry and hard to read.

But, I think I did pretty well. Yay!

I mean, really --- today's results are absolutely beautiful.


I uploaded a video to YOUTUBE to try to show off some of my great telepathy from today - this telepathy isn't the greatest telepathy today, but it still sort of works.

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