Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I am, apparently, not allowed to hear the latest

So, I've been hearing that Avril Lavigne did a track with ex-Backstreet Boy Nick Carter recently in a song called "Get Over Me".

But I have a problem: I've looked several times now, but the song and album is personally unavailable to me personally both on iTunes and Google Play.

I read somewhere that this is a song about dealing with a partner who is obsessive.

I searched for any news if this song is just blocked in Canada, but couldn't find anything, the song/album appear to just be blocked for me personally.

I found the iTunes store http page for the album, clicked to bring it to my itunes, and it brings up - NOTHING!

So:::::: What am I to understand about myself being personally unable to hear Avril's latest?

Damn - I'm supposed to be a mentalist. I should be able to figure this out.

Actually, when I first heard about the song, my immediate impression is that I should, well, get over Avril Lavigne, that i should forget about trying to be friends with her.

I guess I might be kind of obsessive over Avril, I'm more obsessive over Avril than I am about any other artist, I guess, so maybe I'm like the obsessive partner and she wants me to get over it.

That was my first impression.

but then I found I was unable to buy or listen to her song, so that might mean that she wants to keep me as her fan. She's not going to let me listen to the ideas of getting over her, so she still wants me. Maybe.

Anyway ---- in all the time I might've ever had an opportunity to talk to Avril personally, it's a little sad but I have no social skills, especially with her, so I can't just go and talk to her and have a conversation. I can write the odd message to her, but actually talking to her is difficult for me. I'm like her Sk8er Boi in my personal experience, and even some of her fans once thought I should steal her for myself --- but I'm just really-really-ultra-shy about the girl I "love the most".

Most people I don't talk to anyway, but when I want to talk to someone, I'm usually able to say something. Even just approaching Avril Lavigne might be a problem for me. Hah. :)

So::: Either Avril wants me to get over her, or she wants me to stay, either one, specifically, is the best way I can interpret the way I'm blocked from listening the new music.


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