Thursday, December 17, 2015

How I see OUYA today

This blog post is to report that I see something very strange going on with OUYA - and to speculate on reasons why that might be.

First off, the very first 5 star rating for The Bananatree Brothers came when I saw absolutely 0 sales of my product. No one bought the game, but it got a rating, and I didn't give that rating to myself.

Second off, my Brother-in-Law just bought the Bananatree Brothers this evening, and though I see his sale, there is no reported download.

Maybe the first issue was someone at Cortex, rating my game maybe - maybe the second issue was my brother in law just didn't download the game when he bought it somehow.

Another issue is that there, in my eyes, appears to be an almost complete dearth of Activity on OUYA --- there are two new releases on the system that only have one rating each --- and I'm the one who bought and rated them.

Also, there is a new release called "RETRO PONG" that's available for $0.99, but can not be found on the O-Rank listing.

I mean, maybe activity on OUYA is dying. Maybe people just aren't playing anymore.

Doorless Darts got to 101 on the O-Rank with over 10 sales.

Blaine Bananatree got to 84 on the O-Rank with only 4 sales.

The Bananatree Brothers got to 75 on the O-Rank with only 1 reported sale.

This either means that people aren't playing anymore in a big way ---- or it means I'm getting my own special version of the internet where I don't see the rest of human-kind running around playing and chatting.

Either no one is playing, or I don't get to see what's going on somehow. There are just some big mysteries here.

There are two possibilities for why I would see a different version of the internet:

1) I'm being removed from the public for perhaps obvious reasons. Maybe I don't exist anymore - or something like that.

2) My Dad suspects I might get a big surprise one day, he has said this once or twice in the past day or two.  I'm wondering if this surprise is just finding out how much I really did earn, because I'm not sure the reports are entirely trustworthy.

I keep thinking I see some activity with my books too --- but there is very little reported activity. I see what looks like activity, but I don't get told about it.

I hope for a surprise, I hope for the best, but it might be expectable that I'm actually just being removed from society (maybe).

I am actually really enjoying my life these days - life without tonnes of public exposure is actually a lot nicer to live, rather than living in a public school or church filled with people who don't get along very well.

Life away from the public is peaceful, calm, nice, fun. I am enjoying my life more these days than any other period of my past life that I can remember. I am actually either at my best, or things are only getting better.

But I do see this mystery involving OUYA games and sales and reports and Oranks and all that --- and I really wonder. Is the system just falling apart as it shuts down because no one is playing, or am I just seeing my own personal private version of the internet?

It's a mystery. I desire to proceed with my life, but I'm not getting paid. I don't see the public playing anymore. But I am enjoying my life more now than any time before.

Maybe I'm not supposed to be paid because of a morality that says it's wrong to meet Jesus, write a book and expect to be paid for writing about holy religious experiences ------

But seriously, if I can't have money because I met Jesus - then I'll just be living with my parents for the rest of our lives.

Maybe the actual truth is that most members of the public felt no need to actually pay the smallest price for any of my work. My games were downloaded and people wouldn't pay --- I saw reports that said my ebooks were ripped off by many hundreds of pirates.

Maybe I just can't expect honest decency from most people.

Or maybe I just have my own version of the internet, where I'm not allowed to see my sales, or public interaction, or get paid ---- maybe I'm living in a bubble of sorts.

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