Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cortex is here - What's going on with Kris Attfield games?

So, early this morning I had a look at OUYA FORUM and saw a post about how Cortex has been announced. I then turned on my Forge and did the update -- yay! Cortex is here!

What does this mean for Kris Attfield games?

Air Defence, a basic yet fun shooter, is there. Works great.
The Bananatree Brothers, is there, and presumably runs well because of the rankings I see it get.
Doorless Darts is there, it runs well - but there is a small cosmetic issue I'm going to want to figure out.
ICBM is there - and it even ranks pretty well - but it is buggy on the new system or at least it is buggy on my system - when I play the D-Pad doesn't work when it's needed. Yikes. Also could use some work on startup and shutdown.

Pfhonge wasn't there and Blaine Bananatree wasn't there.

I did, of course, test both these games on the system and found that they work flawlessly --- maybe they were just overlooked when the game library was curated, or maybe ---

On OUYA FORUM, which I just read about in greater detail, Cortex apparently decided that they didn't want duplicates of games or something like that.

Though Pfhonge is very unique and original in the sense that it's the first ball-and-paddle game I've seen that puts blocks behind the paddles, maybe they thought Pfhonge was a duplicate and was redundant. I did, however, resubmit it with "Forge" checked and hope for the best.

Blaine Bananatree might've been seen as reduntant because of The Bananatree Brothers. I have also resubmitted with Forge checked, but we'll see.

But it's nice to know that 4 of my games were deemed worthy of availability upon launch, even if ICBM doesn't totally work when I tried it and I think Pfhonge is still quite fun.

Here's the other news:

On Cortex, in the morning The Bananatree Brothers was ranked 16 over all, then in the evening it had dropped to 19 overall.

On Cortex, in the "dual-stick" section, The Bananatree Brothers was ranked #1 this afternoon.

In fact, all my games except Air Defence seemed to have standing of some sort in at least one of their genre's top 10-30 category.

On MOJO The Bananatree Brothers was ranked #2 in Dual Stick and had a pretty good overall ranking as well.

I am really, really excited about this. I feel like I've accomplished something.

But it's a big question now:::: How could I be ranked #1 in a genre with only 2 sales?

Oh - another one --- I downloaded a bunch of my own games from the Cortex Store onto my Forge, and the downloads didn't show up in my Developer Portal ......

So, what is going on here?

OBVIOUSLY something isn't being reported now. I downloaded my own games and there was no report about that.

So ---- how could I be #1 in my genre with only 2 sales??? How excited should I be?? :) :)

The one thing I'm afraid of is that though played with Dual/Both Sticks, that The Bananatree Brothers might be a different genre than the other Dual-Stick games. I'm just wondering or fearing that I misunderstood what "Dual-Stick" meant, if it actually means something other than "Both thumbsticks used in gameplay". Dunno.

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