Thursday, November 12, 2015

Telepathy Returns

So: for the past week or two my telepathy hasn't been doing so well. But today things changed.

Just moments ago I was sitting here, I asked my dad "Think of a character between 0 to 9 and A to Z".

The first time I read "O" and he said "Q".

The second time I read "R" and he said "R".

Now that was pretty decent - that was pretty good.

Do I have a theory why it works sometimes and not other times? I'm guessing it might be dietary. I don't want to upset anyone --- but from my experience I am thinking that Chicken is good for telepathy while Beef is bad for telepathy. Just a theory.

Anything else going on?

For the past day or two, I'd sit around thinking of things I could say, but then not say it because it didn't seem important enough for I've already said it. My mind is almost blank of more things to say, like i've forgotten.

I probably want to talk more, but as the Eminem rap I was listening to last night said something about people who want to talk but all they speak is Gibberish.

I'm just wondering if the things I want to say are just as important to talk about at this point. :)

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