Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Seeing Someone at the Clinic

So: today I saw what very much looked like Avril Lavigne at my psychiatric clinic at the hospital.

She walked into the clinic when i walked in, and she left with me as I walked out -- and all she did was sit in the waiting room for a while as I got my injection.

I was so stunned by the experience that I was wondering if I was hallucinating or if this is really the real Avril Lavigne.

But, I suppose the real major reason why she and I didn't exchange any verbally spoken words in this experience is because we were expected to be telepathic with each other.

Was there any clear communication? I don't think so --- for one, I was so surprised and stunned that I could help but watch in absolute mystification as I saw her at that location. For seconds, for the past week or two my telepathy with my parents hasn't worked totally great, except this morning where I correctly read "A or B", only wrote down "B", when the answer was "A" with my mom.

Like, Avril walked in when I came in. She walked out "with me" essentially. She stopped at the hospital cafeteria. I went on my way. I'm so introverted.

Like, you'd think I should just open my mouth and talk to her right? I couldn't bring myself to -- the whole experience was so crazy.

No, I think silence was actually expected at this encounter. If there was comms, it was supposed to be mentalism-only at this point.

I felt no great urge to follow her into the cafeteria, maybe though, because I was planning on going elsewhere afterwards.

Perfect opportunity for a date and I "screwed up". I could have just -- what? What was I supposed to do? I think everyone wanted telepathy, and only telepathy. Couldn't say a word.

And yes, this girl who looked so much like Avril Lavigne is/was quite good-looking, but my testosterone levels are/were low. :)

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