Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rejection - No reasons stated - yet

So, a few days ago I submitted "The Bananatree Brothers" for review at OUYA/Cortex, and today I checked my dev portal to find that the game has been rejected.

The dev portal also tells me I should implement the required changes as stated in the review they sent me --- but I have received no email this time.

So - as of this moment, my game has been rejected without stated reason.

I'm going to assume at this point that it might be something to do with how they're waiting for Cortex to actually launch before they release my game - or I can assume that it doesn't work very well on Forge, which I can not test and fix myself yet since I don't think my Forge has the software necessary to even run the OUYA-specific code in my game.

As with any situation, I can be paranoid for any number of reasons about "other" reasons why I might get rejected - but that kind of thinking doesn't help until someone actually tells me what their problem is.

So, my game has been rejected with no stated reason at this point, and we'll just have to wait and see.


Interesting things to note: On twitter, I feel I am becoming more and more popular. I don't tweet very much - it's just that I've now got some new followers in the past days and weeks, such as a publishing company, a new retail outlet, and another author --- all who somehow heard about me and decided to follow. Who knows how much is going on out there that I can't see for myself. Yeah.

Also::: this morning I had a beefy meatball kebob, and then I did a number-only pick 3 telepathy test with my dad and did a cool 2/3 on that. So, maybe beef isn't to blame for poor telepathy, as just ate some beef and then did pretty well, I calculate the odds at 1:18.

OH ----- and as for being rejected for no stated reason by OUYA/Forge, if it is an "other" reason for rejection other than just the game itself, well, that's too bad because I recently got an email from my Independent Member of Legislative Assembly's Constituency Office telling me to keep developing video games if it makes me happy. I mean, my government didn't seem to have a problem with my activities - so we'll see what the actual company's problem is.

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