Tuesday, November 10, 2015

More talk about reality problems

So, I saw my psychiatric nurse today, and she's inclined to believe that my dad is losing his mind. He's either losing his mind, in the news today, or both. It's just so interesting how the news could report on him that way. I understand it, but everyone likes to keep a certain "veil of secrets/privacy" over issues and things.


What I really want to discuss now is another memory of when "reality stopped making sense".

I mean, maybe what I experienced made perfect sense, but it also sort of doesn't.

Years ago, on two occasions, one shortly after the other, I was on Facebook looking at the news feed and comment posts -- and I saw this one comment on I think it was a South Park post that said the comment was, and I'll paraphrase, written by a ghost who was going to do some seriously nasty things unless the comment was sent to however many news media stations and broadcast everywhere.

Basically, it was a "message from a malevolent ghost" who wanted to appear in news media, and threatened to do horrible things.

The first time I took a screen shot and reported the message to my MLA and MP, as I remember. But, that didn't help enough, because something very horrible did happen shortly afterwards (it was famous).

The same thing happened again a few weeks later, but I just ignored it that time, and something horrible happened again, which I don't even remember anymore except just knowing that something happened.

Anyway ----- reality to me is so nonsensical that I've seen messages from malevolent spirits on Facebook that threaten bad stuff unless news media is notified. Anyway, I told two elected government officials, and bad stuff happened anyways.

Yeah, reality is that bad for me.


Another freakin' problem with my reality::: today when I was at my psychiattric clinic, I saw a girl who looked a LOT like Avril Lavigne there, looking sort of like herself, also looking slightly different then what you might expect --- but I could definitely see the resemblance, some "Avril" at my psychiatric clinic.

So, I tune into Facebook, and guess what? Avril Lavigne DID have a medical checkup today for her health problems.   ISSUE: Avril in her checkup photos from today was dressed in dark clothes, while the Avril I saw at my psychiatric clinic was dressed in white (although, her white pants did have rips and holes in them, like her song "I like it better with my jeans all ripped up" - I mean, it just seemed and looked like her OK?)

Anyway ---- so Avril was at a medical center today, and I saw her at a medical center today, and though it looked like the same person, the clothes "she" or "they" were wearing were completely different colors. Huh.

reality makes little to no sense anymore.

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