Sunday, November 8, 2015

More on Nonsensical Reality

I mentioned a day or two ago my story about the government guy at church, and then being told I was crazy for having that experience: reality had stopped making sense.

Here's another something like that:::

The missionaries were practising their discussions on our family (a while before I went crazy) and I had previously learned some related subject matter and started to tell the missionaries what I learned.

The missionaries were upset because I was telling them "temple-only" information that I wasn't supposed to know, nor what I supposed to be sharing it around.

The missionaries asked me who told me that stuff.

I told them, truthfully, as far as I knew, that it was taught to everyone in my seminary class by a certain individual (who was not actually a seminary teacher).

The missionaries were very puzzled by that because this person, they said, WOULD NEVER have told us that stuff, especially to everyone in seminary.

Basically, either someone in the church wasn't keeping their sacreds very secret anymore, or reality stopped making sense because I learned something I wasn't supposed to know and there's no way that could have been a real and true and logical or real experience -- even though it is what I experienced.

Strange eh?

Note: In that seminary class, it was not made clear to us that this was the temple endowment information, nor was it clear that it wasn't to be shared with anyone ---- it was just another seminary class.

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