Thursday, November 12, 2015

Missionary Visit

So, I had just been watching a video on Youtube that disproved mormonism in 40 seconds (and there's another one out there that disproves them in a similar short period of time that I've seen before too) and I heard the doorbell ring, and the knock at the door.

A Missionary with his, probably, High Priest split-off companion coming by to say "Hi".

I'm supposed to let my parents know that they came by.

But I did let them know before they left that, each for our own reasons, the men in my family have no belief in that church anymore and only the females have any interest in them.

Just thought I'd note this short encounter on my blog.

Also of note::: it was a few days ago that I got a message from an LDS Single Adult Rep asking me if I'm interested in any of their activities. I also let her know I'm not really all that interested anymore.

I know LDS people can be really really nice (although some of them are just nasty), and though they are really really nice, I've examined the doctrine and found it wanting.

Of course, I'm also examining what the atheists think, and I do say that they have some VERY CLEVER arguments on their side ---- and really, I don't have the best arguments on my side about some of the things they say other than that I've seen things and experienced things that say God is real regardless of what the atheists say, even if God can be seen as "evil", essentially.

I think God can be very good, but I understand when he is also viewed as a force of evil. Doesn't mean he doesn't exist though.

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