Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lethargic about my own games

So, I was on STEAM this morning, bought a new game, started playing it, and even though I barely tasted the whole game ---- I realized the game was like 5000x better than my own work.

Maybe that explains why I have difficulty making even $0.99 with my projects.

So, though Bananatree Brothers is pretty much "finished", as far as I know, besides promotional video, back cover copy and being fully tested --- it is such a weak game in comparison to this steam game that I'm wondering how much is it even worthwhile to release my game?

I can easily make an excuse and wait to release The Bananatree Brothers until Forge Cortex has been released or started up --- maybe I can do that....

But really, my creativity again feels so limited, and I'm nothing compared to the superior quality of this game I found on STEAM. Of course, I would sell for only 99 cents, while this game is quite a bit more expensive --- but still, who's even going to play my game when they could just play this steam game? Hah. :)


In other news, I've been thinking about the true nature of God, and though I am not and probably cannot be entirely certain, I'm at the point of believing that Jesus is in fact GOD ALMIGHTY Himself.

I was at the point of wondering if Jesus is "God" or if he's just a "Prophet".  I prayed about this question, and the telepathic response came back that He is God.

Of course, telepathy is neither totally accurate nor totally trustworthy in my experience, but the general hearsay I get from the Bible and even in my prayers and telepathy is that Jesus is God.

Yeah - when you figure out that the Holy Ghost is the actual father of Jesus, that does kind of destroy trinitarianism, and even leads me to be inclined that Jesus IS God, his own father, that sort of thing. Is it 100% proven? Of course not, but that's what seems most logical to me.

of course, If Jesus IS GOD --- that means he has a very big sense of humour, and that much I can understand about Him.

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