Friday, November 6, 2015

Ideas or even Truths about GOD

So, I watched a few videos this evening, and the thesis statements behind two of them really struck me:

1) One video basically described God, if he is real as described by certain Christians, as a senseless, psychopathic and evil being.

2) Another video put down trinitarianism by pointing out that in the Bible that it was the Holy Ghost that overshadowed and made Mary pregnant with Jesus, and therefore the HOLY GHOST is actually Jesus' true father and therefore God the Father is essentially the Holy Ghost, because God the Father is Jesus' dad but the Holy Ghost is Jesus' biological father, therefore the Holy Ghost is essentially God The Father.

What does that mean about the son then? Is Jesus really just his own dad? OMG - brain broke - mind blown. Is the Trinity actually just Two? or One? I'm confused.

In the note I received from "Jesus" back in 2002, the one that said "Pay two hundred to Father, Son & Cousin" signed with the name "Jesus", I always thought it was referring to God the Father, Jesus Christ, and John the Baptist personally - that was my take on it.

Anyway. Funny.

So::: If GOD is, as he is, an evil and psychotic being in and of himself, then that doesn't leave me many options:

I either believe in a God who is evil and psychotic, or I have hallucinated a relationship with a being that makes me psychotic.

Catch 22. All this time I've wanted to prove some level of sanity, but I've got this one guy pointing out that the God of the Christians is a Mass-Murdering psychopath/just plain evil while if my experiences seriously were just hallucinations then that means I really am quite crazy personally.


1) Telepathy is scientifically proven as far as I'm concerned, even if I'm not totally all that great at it.

2) Telepathy has historically worked in cooperation with Jesus sightings in my life in the past.

I am relatively sure that there really is a God of some kind out there, and yes, I even recognize that it's not all sunshine flowers and rainbows --- it can be pretty hectic with that guy.

The things I'm learning. What is the actual truth?

One argument that God is evil is how many children he just lets die all the time --- He never saves so many children, presumably because they didn't believe in Him, or were never brought up with Him in their culture.

My argument is that God set out some pretty decent rules for how to live your life when Jesus Christ came along - I'm sure a hole might be poked in this argument at any point, but Jesus Christ really really tried to make things better - to save us -

My point is that as a child, you realize that children, some or a lot or most of children -- are actually in and of themselves freakin' evil and crazy.

I'm not lying. I grew up as a child. I know what children are like --- they can be completely evil ---- I can't say I know each and every one of thousands of cases of God's involvement in child neglect, but my hypothesis is that God might neglect a lot of evil and rotten children.

I know, innocent until proven guilty is what they say and therefore each child must be considered innocent --- but what if in God's eyes, there are zillions of children who just aren't right in the head?

I am no foreigner to the concept of completely misbehaved children. Maybe there's a reason why God lets so many children just die, as a hypothesis.  Any child can try to prove me wrong --- and to do that, they have to accept Jesus and live as good as possible. I invite any child in the world to take up that challenge. In order to prove me wrong however, if a Child accepts christ and lives right, that child has to die from God's neglect.

So, I can rationalize a hypothesis for why God lets so many children die --- but lets be clear, God still isn't perfect sunshine rainbows and flowers all the time anyways.

I am personally reasonably certain that there is some kind of "God force" out there - a sort of force that can make your mind aware of future events, transmit communication through thought and even coincide with apparent appearances of Jesus.

Anyway. Either I am well deserving of my disability benefit at this point, or there is a God who has interacted with me in my life - and I'm mostly certain it is God.

No, God isn't all perfectly happy with all people, in face God can be downright "evil" in the way he treats some people - I am aware of that. But just because God is evil doesn't mean I think he's disproved or not there. And he's not totally evil either --- He really did try to give some good or decent rules to live by to make things run more smoothly and happily.

So:: Is God the Father and the Holy Ghost the same person? According to the Bible, The Holy Ghost is actually Jesus Christ's biological father. Is Jesus also one and the same with the Holy Ghost, or is God seriously just two beings? If there is a third being -- who or what exactly? So, we've got a Holy Spirit who is the father in spirit, and the son, who is God in flesh.  Is Jesus the same guy as his own Dad, just switching between corporeal and incorporeal? I dunno. Not sure. Man, I have had some interesting experiences with seeing things or people though.

I mean, if I really ever experienced an actual experience with Jesus -- isn't it just too bad that I got so scared or nervous or even introverted that I couldn't just talk to Him and ask the big questions?

Anyway, I should end this post now --- Ubuntu is crashing a bunch more.

Just some interesting thoughts. I'm pretty sure there is a God or something like a God out there - he might be evil and so mysterious that he lets billions be confused about His actual identity or His truth, but I know there's something out there. :)

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