Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I think my Dad made the news today

So, I was looking at the news on iOS 9 on my iphone:

There is a certain story here, and though certain details and names have been changed ---- and I know the news does this from previous personal experience ------ I am pretty sure the news story is about my Dad.

I will not go into detail about the news story or whatever the issue is, but it is clear that


Not everyone frowns upon my Dad, but there is vocal outcry against him.

And I kind of understand it too.

Some things against my Dad are spurious or even false, as he says for himself, but when you examine what I have experienced with my own father it's possible that my own negative view of him has spread, and maybe even transformed --- so even though what this news story is about, which actually isn't really a big deal --- is just being criticized for the sake of criticizing someone who has committed other problems.

Anyway --- I do realize this news story (from regular news media) is most likely and probably absolutely about my own father, and I even understand why he is frowned upon.

Maybe there's a reason there's racism against Saxons from the Normans: The saxons were lower class and pretty "low", to say it in-offensively, as I have heard from the historians.

My dad is descended from Saxons, and, being wrought with serious mental issues in my family, it might even just be genetics. Which is really too bad for me because I have to live with it, but also realize that it's quite probable that his brain just doesn't work too well, as can be said for various reasons about anyone who goes through the temple in the Mormon Church (which I will not discuss here).

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