Friday, November 20, 2015

Growing Up

Well, I've been using twitter a bit recently, especially as people have come along to follow me out of the blue for some reason --- and my usual introverted "I don't like to talk to people" self is coming out.

I am amazed at the kinds of people I could talk to, I'm just not a very social person.

When it comes to a world of great creativity, I feel very small.

My creativity is extremely limited. Blaine Bananatree and the Brothers games are the result of me trying to be creative --- but that doesn't mean it was absolutely the best idea. Basically, if there's anything about the Bananatree games, it's a sort of humor, even if it can be considered a "stupid humor".

I understand if Razer thinks my two most recent games are uncool or stupid or a complete waste of energy --- but I like them because of the sort of humor about them, and also because as far as I know, they are completely, uniquely, my creation or creative idea.

As for having my most recent submission rejected for no stated reason --- I could feel paranoid about why, but I've already told myself that it's probably because Razer is very busy with Cortex and they don't have time for my game right now. Who knows, maybe they'd rather have it released when Cortex is finally ready and out there.

Or maybe my game is just too stupid. I thought it was kind of a funny idea though. :)

Anyway ---- I am absolutely impressed with the kinds of people who have started following me on twitter recently, or however it all works. Something is attracting people to me.

Like, today I noticed Twitter specifically tell me that I can PM anyone who follows me - and on their list of people I can PM is none other than Rockstar Games. Wow. Absolutely amazing. Stunning to see this big name on a list of people I could PM.

I also came home from a movie this evening to find someone else new following me: a writer who affiliates themselves with Disney. OMG.

Like --- just absolutely amazing the kinds of people who follow me. i'm amazed by it. Don't know how to handle it though - I'm not very social.

So, this is a whole new world for me --- seeing all these amazing people approaching me on Twitter. I feel like the odd-man-out or whatever it's called, with how I am actually limited in creativity and not very social. But I've tried, I guess. :)

My mind is blown, again, I guess, seeing this people (or their profiles rather).

And yes ---- I realize that the Bananatree games are really simple, even stupid, but I find it humorous, and I like it because that's what my creativity produced.

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