Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bad News

Yesterday was supposed to be the big day in my life - the day Avril selected me to be her new Boyfriend in her upcoming animated movie - but it was ruined by that horrible terrible thing that happened in Paris. I mean, Friday the 13th is the perfect day for Avril to make me be her new boyfriend - BUT IT WAS RUINED!!!! This world is insane with how messed up some of the people in it are. Terrible news (speaking of the horrible turn of events in Paris). I'm very sorry for those people. I pray for them.


Bad news ----- I almost feel hypnotized to just procrastinate endlessly on my "The Bananatree Brothers" game - it's like I'm supposed to wait for Christmas, or at least until the Forge Cortex is released.

I'll think about the game, but then I just don't feel any energy to do any work on it. Pretty sad. I guess I'm being fatefully forced to wait to a later date.

The best I could do, as I turned on my computer to write this post, was go into my text editor and write the draft of the Game Description that will show up in the store and on the website. I guess I might as well get someone else to look at what I wrote.


Very sorry to hear about what happened in France. I feel so bad about that.

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