Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Watching Atheist Videos

I've watched a few animated videos which discuss the Atheist's viewpoint on God, God's morality, the bible and so on and so forth.

I have to admit, their arguments about how messed up religion and mankind's perception of God are seem to be pretty rock - solid - obviously, according to these atheist arguments, there really is something wrong with how mankind has understood God.

I have to note however: so far, in the videos I've watched, these videos largely discuss OLD TESTAMENT issues, and as such I look at the "God of the Old Testament" and realize just how much of a great breakthrough Jesus Christ was in religion and spirituality.

Of course, I'm sure it could be argued that even the Jesus movement went bad at some point -- and yes, I'm sure it hasn't totally worked out so well.

SO: what is an "atheist", how is that word defined?

Ever since I was young, I always understood that an atheist is someone who does not believe in God or such a higher power.

At this point in life, however, I am more inclined to believe that an Atheist is someone who doesn't like God or doesn't like Man's representation of God.

I don't know the whole or total truth about everything involving God and spirituality and religion,

but the atheist claim that God does not exist doesn't work for me. I do see their arguments for how absolute "crap" religion and man's depiction of God is, but in my own personal life experience, well, I've experienced so much that I KNOW God exists.

It seems like I'm a Mormon falling back on a testimony when the argument gets tough, but the difference here is that a Mormon bases their testimony on things they cannot actually know while I'm basing my testimony on things I know based on actual experience.

I've experienced so much that I KNOW God is real. Do I totally understand it or Him? No, not really.

Part of what I do understand, however, is that Mankind might do a horrible job of representing God to their children or church goers, so Mankind might end up teaching untruths about God at any point.

I totally understand how religion is flawed and how organized religion is a mess --- I don't claim to know the whole truth about everything or anything --- but I do KNOW that God is very real.

Another point I could bring up is that with these Atheist arguments about the Old Testament, well, with what they say about the Old Testament, then that might just mean that The Book of Mormon is just as valid as the Old Testament, it would seem. and the book of Mormon was disproved, mind you.

So:::: what is the actual truth about God? I don't know, we also have no way of knowing if God even totally misrepresents himself to mankind,

but I do know He is real and that he really does do stuff. I don't know how else to explain some of the phenomena I've noticed in my experience.

I'm basing my knowledge of God on things like "I prayed for that miracle and it happened just like I said it should" and "I'm such a good guesser - I must be a little bit telepathic", as well as "Oh, I saw a glowing man dressed all in white outside my house 5 years ago in the middle of the night". THAT kind of experience lets me know GOD is realistic. :)

I'm either totally crazy or totally miraculous, and I think evidence is showing more in favour of the Miraculousness of things, although I wouldn't deny that I'm also a little crazy for different reasons.

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