Sunday, October 18, 2015

Watched More Atheist Videos

One thing I can really appreciate about Atheists is they provide another viewpoint about problems with Religion, and it's nice to think about these things.

Like, some of these videos clearly show the Old Testament (which is Jewish Scripture) to be seriously flawed. I mean, I'm just going to trust that the various problems these videos point out are scripturally based, as they provided the references for each occurrence in the story, but I see how messed up the Old Testament was.

I watched one video where they critiqued or criticized christianity for believing it is "moral" to put an innocent man to death so the guilty party won't be punished. That did challenge my faith a bit, but I thought about the problem for a while and realized that Christianity still makes sense to me.

First out, you shall have justice meted out to you as you have meted it out to others.

That in itself might explain why Jesus died on the Cross.

If Jesus is GOD, and Jesus prescribed all sorts of reasons you can condemn a man to death in his Law, then doesn't it make sense that if someone was falsely accused and punished that Jesus/GOD now has to have the same justice meted out to him as he was the guy who prescribed a punishment that killed an innocent?

I mean, let's face it, judiciaries aren't always perfect, and it's only likely that the Jews had previously condemned an innocent to death before Jesus came. Jesus technically had to be punished for that, to be innocent and be falsely condemned.

Basically, that thought of that kind of justice then brought me to think about how philosophically sound and even brilliant Christianity is when it comes to how to live your life and how you treat other people and deal with crime and punishment.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Anything you do to anyone can easily be returned upon you through what one might call "Karma" - however it may work.

The Jews taught "an eye for an eye" --- and that is an example of this thought, except Jesus went a step further to teach forgiveness and mercy, so when you aren't condemning others,  you won't be condemned yourself.

Basically, I think a main message of Christianity is "be good to one another" or even "be excellent to one another" - as Bill and Ted would put it.

I grew up in a family where there were problems with certain people's thinking and behaviour, and having a religion to teach more proper behaviour seems like a necessity or life-saver to those of us who live with family members who don't understand good behaviour.

The reason I joined the Mormon church was basically just for a hope that my sister would start behaving herself.  Unfortunately, the Mormon church is not philosophically sound or scientifically sound - I had one option for "home improvement" when I was 8, but it wasn't a very good option I must admit now that I look back on it -

But when people are good to each other, goodness gets passed around.

If you don't condemn others, then you are less likely to be condemned yourself.

Are there any crimes that SHOULD be condemned? I do believe there are ---- but I, nor are most people, the judge of or capable of being the judge of that. I go on Faith that GOD will judge between me and thee ---- this seems to have worked so far in my life.

Anyway ------ I was just thinking about how these Atheist videos haven't shaken my faith in Jesus or love of Jesus' doctrine ----- Jesus had some really, really good ideas.

I understand that man might corrupt "God", or that the scriptures might have some problems ---- but there are some core fundamental things that Jesus taught that I really, really appreciate.

Basically, be good/excellent to everyone, and don't condemn people. What goes around comes around.

It's that simple.

One way to think of Jesus dying on the cross is just to remember that they executed an innocent man --- In fact, here in Canada we abolished the death sentence for most crimes BECAUSE an innocent man got executed one time ---- Basically, when Jesus Christ, an Innocent Man was put to death on false charges, you have to realize there's a value in not condemning others because you don't want to condemn the innocent, and you want to walk a mile in the shoes of the guilty, and besides, if you don't condemn anyone then you'll never be condemned, technically (though, maybe not practically).

To me, Christianity just makes sense.

So::: question::: Is it necessary to forgive mass murderers? No, not in the least. Is it necessary to forgive any murder? No.

Jesus clearly taught that murder is unforgivable. A murderer has condemned another person, and therefore the murderer will be condemned - there is no escaping that. It only makes sense.

You can be merciful to murderers, it does make sense to bestow mercy so you will receive mercy - that makes sense.

You may forgive a murderer, you don't have to, but you may, but a murderer is always condemned before God, now that I think about it.

Basically, if you know someone you is always mistreating you ---- God, perhaps through Karma, will judge that person and punish them accordingly. If you forgive that person for wronging you however, then you will escape condemnation for yourself ---- as I've understood God and religion.

Anyway, enough of my bantering on about how beautiful Christianity is when it comes to Karma.

I would just like to note that I was also thinking about how Mormonism teaches about and deals with these issues and I will reaffirm that I don't believe in Mormonism anymore --- the Mormon teachings just don't work as I have come to understand them.

Anyway --- I just had a big urge to confess Christ before everyone on the Internet. Saying stuff about Christian Justice. And though I appreciate Atheists in some ways, they still haven't managed to talk me out of believing in Jesus, or following His philosophy. :)

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