Sunday, October 11, 2015

The October 2015 Canadian Federal Election

So, It's election time again, this time for the Federal government, and I know I haven't said much.

About the provincial election last time I said since we have an NDP government (which I supported), that maybe we should choose Liberals or Conservatives for the Feds.

I changed my mind probably at least several times during this campaign. I was very minimal in my prayers about choosing a new government. I changed my mind, and I didn't say much.

Did I keep my original plan of LIBs or CONs when I voted? Nope.

Yeah, it turned out that I just happened to really like the NDP again this time around. The one thing that finally got me to decide for the NDP was a flyer my local NDP Candidate left at our house that the NDP believes in affordable housing. Combined with a few other things I understood, and yeah, I decided I would vote for the socialists again.

On Facebook i could clearly see people raging against the Conservatives, even calling the Conservatives "fascists", while my Dad is the conservative raging against the LIBs and NDPs.

Basically, my dad's constant and consistent negative attitude towards other parties was a big factor in turning me off his party.

In fact, I realize that my dad hasn't had a job for most of the past 20 years, and as he's unemployed, I just wondered how bright he could really be voting for the capitalistic party.

To me, it just doesn't make sense that he's been unemployed for so long and he votes for capitalism. Combined with some other things he's said, and I think he's kind of crazy or wrong in the head somehow. I love him, and he's generally an OK to Good Dad, but some of the things he says just don't seem totally right to me.

Anyway - so, if anyone wants to vote like me, vote NDP. I know what I originally said about voting Liberal or Conservative, but I couldn't help but like the NDP platform the most again as I thought about the things I heard.

Interesting thing to note: my local NDP candidate's name is "Khalis Ahmed" - I thought that was funny considering that both my first an last name start with the same first and last letters: KS and AD ---- just kind of interesting.

So there. I guess I kind of did myself a disservice by starting off by saying we should have LIBs or CONs when in the end I changed my mind and decided on NDPs again. Hmmm. Well, I'm not the brightest guy I guess ---- spending almost $2000 on the lottery was probably a bad idea now that I look back on the decision. I could have bought an apple watch or new ipad with that money. Oh well.

Just an interesting note: Last Friday I matched 4/7 numbers on my expensive lottery ticket. But it still didn't earn my anything. :) I just had a dream of winning big, which I realize is still unlikely anyway, even with the big ticket I bought.

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