Monday, October 19, 2015

The Election 2015

Well, a lot of the results have been counted, and we're looking at a Liberal Majority government.

If I have to listen to my dad constantly whining and complaining about the prime minister for the next 5 years, I might have to leave home. I just can't stand hearing all the negative attitude from that man. I've had enough of it (having grown up with it all the time, so freakin' negative).

Anyway, the good thing so far is that since the CBC announced a Liberal Majority, my dad has been very quiet, except for one crack about the NEP. (NEP is right New Economic Policy under the first Trudeau). I'm just saying that my dad's silence is more welcome than constant whining and complaining. I hope he understands how valuable it is to keep a positive attitude.

So::: One thing my dad complained about earlier this evening is how taxes will go up::: REALLY?????

I thought Trudeau was going for a strong middle class - which we were a part of, he was planning on raising taxes for the very wealthy ---- and my dad is concerned about raised taxes?

1) I don't mind helping social programs or giving money when I have it.

2) If we are so rich that taxes are actually going up for us ---- ?????

The only thing I can think of that might verify that our family would face increased taxes was my dream last night.

I mean, I never would have expected that my family would face increased taxes on a plan to lower taxes for the middle class. I'm confused.

Anyway, last night, the night before election day, I dreamt that we were having all kinds of cool stuff arriving in the mail, and that my parents bought me a Volvo.

yes --- last night I dreamt that our family was apparently extremely wealthy - which is unheard of considering my childhood.

I mean, sometimes my dreams predict the future. Figuratively, usually, but sometimes literally.

Last night I dreamt about what I would consider to be extreme economic prosperity. (having my parents buy me a Volvo IS extreme prosperity for me).

So --- hmmm.

Yeah. I heard Trudeau wanted to make the middle class richer --- that's what I understood --- but apparently, according to my father, he's actually raising taxes on us.

Maybe nobody tells me about the family finances. I'm always under the impression that we're very poor.

Like, when my grandmother died, I had no idea what happened to most of what she left behind - no one told me. Always under the impression that we have very little.

I mean, being too poor is a big reason that I never learned to drive - and now I'm hearing that our family is paying more taxes with the new government??? I thought we were middle class. I'm not sure.

Has someone neglected to tell me something???

Anyway --- good news --- today I actually sold an ebook. Absolutely amazing eh? that's $0.35USD for me. Whoo.

But, yeah, gotta keep a positive attitude ---- my dad is all depressed about paying taxes, while I'm even intrigued by the idea that we would have that kind of money, and why I had a dream that might have been future-indicative about essentially huge gains in material wealth. No idea. :)


I just sat down with my iPad to look at the Liberal tax platform: my dad complained this tax platform will actually increase our family's taxes.

First off::: my dad is a little crazy, so his facts might be completely wrong.

Second off::: If what he says is the truth, then his estimate that we'll pay $8000 more a year in tax tells me that my family actually earns $400,000 a year annually.

At that kind of income, we can easily afford a new Volvo.

So, I had a dream about extreme financial prosperity, and my dad essentially just told me today that we make 400 grand a year.

Maybe my dad's crazy. Maybe he miscalculated or just likes berating Liberals about things.

To be honest, if I were middle class, which I always thought I was for the past 5 years, I actually really like some of the things the Liberals said. I would like that.

But my dad, the ultra-conservative, thinks we are paying $8000 more a year in taxes, which means we make a bundle as a family.

So - um, where did our 400 grand come from exactly? I mean, I only make around 19 grand on aish, and my mom can't be making that kind of money from her job unless the provincial NDP went on a super-super-spending-spree.

I mean, personally, if I made 400 grand a year, I wouldn't mind 8000 more tax dollars.

Um. So, where's the money come from? Do I actually make a tonne that's given to my parents that's never reported to me?

I mean, really, looking at OUYA and the books and all, you'd think I'd be making a mint, but I don't get to see or touch it, I don't see the numbers nor do I handle the money I might've earned,

and my dad essentially just told me today that my family makes 400 grand a year.

Maybe I do deserve 400 grand with the work I've done, so either someone's not telling me the truth, or my dad is freakin' crazy to think we are now upper-class when I've always thougth we were middle class (and being middle class is actually lower taxes according to Trudeau).

Well, to be honest, I'm OK with Trudeau's tax plan, even if I pay 8000 more a year --- with that kind of income, 8000 is nothing to be too worried about. :) In my opinion at least, meaning I'm the kind of guy who gives Avril Lavigne a bunch of money for her charity just because it's her birthday. And even when it's not her birthday. Hah. :) :)

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