Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Craziest Psychiatry Descision

Know what's crazy?

Back in November 2004 to January 2005, I was locked up in a psychiatric hospital. Why?

Because I physically rebelled from a church that was controlling my life with crazy ideas.

I mean, when I originally went in to see the psychiatrist back in 2002, that doctor pretty much told me the church was wrong. I was a believer in the church, but I myself also eventually discovered that the church was wrong.

So I rebelled against the lying crazy and delusional church that was very much really trying to control my life with their crazy ideas.

And I got locked up.

I went through a judiciary process in the psychiatric hospital.

Basically, these doctors who are so concerned with mental health, ending craziness and stopping delusion, decided that I wasn't allowed to rebel against a church that was trying to control my life with crazy ideas.


I mean, first off:::: in this country, we are supposed to have a right to liberty.

Second off:::: Psychiatric doctors are supposed to save us from craziness.

But the ruling of the court was that I was WRONG for rebelling against a church that controlled my life with crazy ideas.

I mean, recently I heard there was a story in my province where a young man shot his father to death, and this boy spent a few years in jail, and though we all know he really did shoot his father, he was declared NOT GUILTY --- why? Because his father was an abusive man, and the boy snapped, it was self defence.

Well, here I am trying to defend myself from a crazy church that controls with insanity, yet I am wrong.

Most people who once were part of this church, as I've understood, eventually figure out the church is just complete garbage, the vast majority of people in this church stop believing in it,

but I have to put up with this church trying to control my life with their garbage, and the psychiatric doctors and psychiatric court don't think I'm allowed to defend myself against that.

Yeah, it's just kind of strange.

It is true that I was told I almost won my court case, and it is true the government decided to give me a bunch of money to deal with my poverty,

but were all those drugs really necessary? I mean, all you had to do was EXPLAIN to me that the church was crap, I would have understood, and we could have avoided drugs altogether.

Anyway, apparently believing in Mentalism, something which had already been scientifically proven for decades, makes you worthy of intense drugging, and the drugs make you fat etc.

Basically, the doctors wouldn't let me believe in something which was already proven, and wouldn't let me rebel against a church of crazy mind control.

No f***ing clue. At all.

I mean, they eventually gave me a new doctor who doesn't reject telepathy or mentalism and even knows herself that it's proven, the nurse doesn't argue or disagree with ideas that the church is garbage,

And though they eventually gave me new staff who accept my viewpoint and don't treat it like it's crazy, I'm probably addicted to the drugs by now, and I just have to go on weighing 400 pounds and being unable to comfortably sit in airline seats or some movie theatres.


Just felt like writing about that.

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