Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stuff Going On

So, I've been working on another videogame: "The Bananatree Brothers" --- a 2 player split-screen competitive version of Blaine Bananatree. Maybe I'll even sell a copy, we'll see.

I was also thinking about some same old thoughts about my annoyances or problems with Mormonism.

I was telling my Dad about how if you are just a regular old Joe in the Mormon church, with regular problems, they'll belittle and berate you about being a "natural man" (who is an enemy to God according to Mormon scripture) --- so if you naturally have overactive hormones or if you drink coffee, or caffeine, or any number of little problems that aren't even really necessarily problems, the church will just belittle and berate you about it.

But, according to the Mormon doctrine, you are supposed to deny yourself of all ungodliness, so in my experience when you start becoming supernatural and God-like the LDS church then just starts calling you crazy and starts drugging you for how crazy being God-like would actually be.

So I was talking to my Dad about that, and he just said it was all abuse. If you can't just live a good and happy life in mormonism, if you are damned if you do and damned if you don't, then it was all just abuse.

If you are a regular joe who buys lottery tickets, they'll belittle you about that.

If you actually start predicting the future or meeting Jesus or whatever supernatural god-like qualities you might start to develop --- the church will just give you the crazy medication even though these are the qualities you are SUPPOSED to be developing.

So, yeah, the LDS church was just abuse --- you couldn't be free from torment if you were normal with regular problems, and you couldn't be free from the torment if you actually achieved any level of higher power either. It was just abuse. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

But I've been seeing more videos from Youtube discussing the viewpoints of the atheists.

I think these people are smart and have interesting arguments, but I do disagree that there is no higher power like God. I do agree that you can't really necessarily trust religion, but in my own experience I know that either I am completely freakin' mad myself or I have actually experienced a relationship with some kind of real "greater entity".

There is evidence that I am for real, such as an ability to perform telepathy or mind reading tests on family members at least somewhat successfully.

Just today (or in the past 24 hours I should say) I did a test with my mom where I wrote down:


And she had written down::


So, obviously I got the letter L right --- and maybe you'd have some understanding that the S and Z are just mirror images of each other, but what about the O and the G?

When I was mind reading in this example, I could have chosen G or O, but I chose G because I saw a gap between the 3 o'clock where the O had begun to be drawn and the 12 o'clock where the O had ended ---- it wasn't a perfect circle as I saw in my mind-reading so I wrote down G.

She had written down an O, but it wasn't the perfect circle, just as I had expected either. Though G might be more pronounced than the less than perfect circle she had drawn on her O, her O did have that gap there which gave my reading the impression it may have been a G.

Anyway, if anything, I still got 1/3 ---- and I do that a LOT nowadays, 1/3 even being the result I'll commonly get now, so I know I have some mind-reading ability. Do I ever get it all wrong? Yes --- but I have more idea that I'm getting more 1/3's though.

So yeah, I ask God for things to happen and they have happened as I directed, or close to how I directed.

I have seen interestingly magical things, like people and just mysterious stuff like that.

Maybe religion isn't totally trustworthy --- but I'm at a point in my experience with the "magical" now that I know there is a God regardless of what any atheist might say.

I am either completely mad or I have proven God.

When I can get good results in mind-reading --- that suggests something greater than "just madness".

So yeah, the Mormons like saying "I know the church is true", but in order to really "know" such a thing they'd have to have actual experience with it, something real and tangible to let them know it's real, but though their church teaches you that you should become like God, if you actually become like God you'll just get drugged for it --- so it is all kind of ridiculous and pointless.

I could go on forever writing and talking about all the problems I've seen in the Mormon/LDS church. I think I'd get tired of typing and you'd get tired of reading though.

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