Friday, October 23, 2015

Lie Detected maybe?

So, I'm a mentalist, and you'd think that'd help me find a lot of truth, and sometimes it really has helped, but sometimes the thoughts telepathy transmit are in themselves dishonest, so I often don't really know anyway.

But, I can say that I think I've understood that there's something dishonest going on:: something is being deliberately hidden from me, although partially exposed.

Maybe I shouldn't even talk about it, but I just feel like mentioning it here:

Someone at OUYA once told me that my game, DOORLESS DARTS, is a TOP TITLE at OUYA.

A TOP TITLE is necessarily considered to have been very popular right?

Doorless Darts has 388 dowloads and 12 sales as of today, according to my report.

They said it's a top title, which in itself may have been untrue, or maybe it was download and sales report that was untrue.

Doorless Darts achieved 101 on the ORank as of its peak.

With 101 on the ORank, that is a high rank, and I'm not sure it is properly represented with only 12 sales.

Blaine Bananatree reached as high as 82 on the ORank. How many sales? 4.

Either it is extremely easy to get high on the O Rank (and thus the OUYA has lost much popularity), or something just isn't being reported properly.

I am concerned because my personal bank account does not have a SWIFT number, and therefore cannot receive wire transfers ---- which means any money I earn from OUYA is actually put in my Dad's bank account.

I have had hints come along in the past week that suggest my Dad has become very wealthy.

When asked directly about this, however, he denies it.

Maybe his great wealth is just his new hope of getting Old Age Security.

But that doesn't really properly explain a letter I found in a place of importance with his things.

I will not go into the detail of this letter, but this letter, which he keeps in a place of importance -- inidicates to me that he very well may have attained some wealth.

maybe there's a very mundane explanation for this letter, but I can't think of it, as he really has no good reason to have or keep this letter unless he's sitting on a pile.

Basically, I have seen numerous signs in the past week that my Dad is now rich, but when asked directly, he doesn't admit it.

Another lie detected.

Basically, you might have to be me and know my dad as well as I do to see the change in his habits or behaviour and understand something has happened --- I see this and I realize it. It's not normal for him.

Basically, I would've referred to my dad as a "cheapskate" for many years. But now he's all excited about finally being able to and wanting to buy PREMIUM FUEL from Gas Pumps.

He went from being a total cheapskate to being someone who buys premium fuel, goes out on a trip to mcdonald's, buys novelty laundry detergent through the mail --- i mean, my Dad has just COMPLETELY changed - and it's very evidently related to his economic ability to buy things.

He's gone from "Cheapskate" to "buying more and more expensive stuff" whilst having a certain letter on his important place that implies that he's very wealthy.

Maybe his "wealthi" has nothing to do with OUYA --- but Ockham's Razor (razer?) says the simplest explanation is the best:: and in my mind the simplest explanation for this is that there's some dishonesty and that maybe OUYA paid my Dad and my Dad is personifying Maverick's Dad from the Maverick movie (my Dad loves westerns).

Basically::: Easiest explanation for OUYA dilemma::: OUYA not reporting to me properly, I may have had far more sales than they told me about. (the other easy solution is that OUYA is very-not-popular, but I'm not so sure about that one)

Easiest Explanation for why my Dad is acting wealthier but lied about it::: He is wealthy and doesn't want to share his secret.

Easiest explanation for how this happened:::: OUYA paid my money to my Dad's bank account, as I had arranged to happen.

I am open to the possibility that these explanations are completely wrong, but they are the most logical and make the most sense in my mind.

OUYA has either reported to me that their Popularity and Usage is down the tubes, or that they will not honestly report sales properly (as is also the case with other publishers, as I've understood, I once had to wait 2 and half years to be paid by amazon believe it or not).

My Dad is acting very rich, even potentially more rich than Old Age Security should allow.

Maybe it's all just conicidence, maybe my Dad really was just being delusional that we were paying 8000 more on the Liberals in tax ------ but I'm not certain.

part of my problem is this:::


That's right!! Just having a belief, even a false belief, that I have finally acquired or attained my riches is causing me to feel very comfortable and satisfied with my life and my efforts.

If I'm just being given a delusion through a simple appearance of wealth, I am enjoying it, in my heart, I feel good.

A Mormon would say that this is the holy ghost telling me that it's true that I'm wealthy,

I don't know if it's really true, but believing it, even falsely, is doing wonders for my psyche.

I feel a lot better now having a belief of riches attained through hard work, over working hard and seeing that the world rejected me and couldn't even pay a buck.

So:::: To me, Occam's Razor says OUYA paid my Dad. This seems like the best explanation to me, though I also realize it may not be the truth.

My mind LOVES believing this has happened, becuase it does LITERALLY make me feel so much better and more complete.

But in all reality, even if all my Dad is getting is his old-age-pension now, it doesn't make sense that he'd be keeping this certain letter with his stuff. Doesn't make sense at all. The best explanation for this letter is that he's got way more money than just an old age pension. :)

Maybe this is something I shouldn't discuss, but seeing as how I see in my mind that it might be my OUYA money, it might be relevant to discuss.

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