Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's been over a week since...

It's been over a week since Avril Lavigne sent a Prizeo email out saying she's reached halfway to her goal in her birthday campaign, asking her fans like me to donate more money so she can get all the way to the goal.

Her campaign has slowed down considerably, though it had a good start, just to note.

Anyway, after I got her halfway email, I of course, being in love with her and revering her as a hero, I went to donate another $100USD to her cause.

Want to know what's weird though?

Well, when you donate, you can send her a short message with your donation. My message said:

"It's amazing how people will throw money at you, and people will give to kickstarter projects that won't likely take off --- but I have such a hard time selling my hard work for even 99 cents!!"

I made this statement out of my frustration that people find it so easy to give Avril tonnes of cash, pay tonnes of money to kickstarters that don't start, but somehow, somehow I can't even make a buck on a finished project that should be easily afforded.

Anyway, it's been over a week since I declared that donation, and though I've got money available from my funding source to give the donation ---- somehow the money was never withdrawn.

It's been over a week since I filled out the forms to send donation, and nothing has been withdrawn from me.  How considerate of her. :) hah.

But yeah ---- I spent over a year working on The Eagle's Sore, and as far as I know most people saw fit just to steal that book from me. No one can spend the smallest price on my work.

There are potential reasons I'm not seeing money flow in, but if it's because everyone would rather steal than pay a buck, though I am forgiving I am also completely disappointed in humanity if this is the case.

It's possible the government or whoever decided I shouldn't be getting paid for my work, that my earnings get diverted --- I think that's entirely possible.

What's sad is this::: there has been so much crap I've experienced in my life that I could not have avoided, and if I'm not getting paid for those reasons that's really too bad and maybe even unfair because IT WASN'T MY FAULT I HAD TO GO THROUGH THAT.

Basically, if my life is so bad that I can't even be paid for the story of my life, that's sad because I couldn't control those circumstances.

But anyway, yeah, my life is so bad that I can only get one star reviews for a story about my life, so you know I've been through a lot of crap.

For example::: It's not my fault my mom forced me to attend a school (that I didn't really HAVE to attend except for my mom forcing me) where the kids decided to hypnotize me to do things that are completely wrong. Not my fault I was going to that school.

When I talk to people about the way the kids treated me at that school --- it is quickly understood that I went through a bunch of bullying. And no, it's not my fault my mom forced me to go to that school.

I was a gifted student, but my mom sent me to a school for the insane or criminally insane it seemed like, and that wasn't my fault. Do I sound like I'm insane or criminally insane when I score high in exams and was even the valedictorian in elementary school? I WAS A GOOD KID. My mom FORCED ME to go to school full of insane children. And that was a very bad start to my life. and it's not my fault.

And now I just get one star reviews for how bad my life's story is.

Actually, it's also not my fault that my mom made my family join and get brainwashed by the LDS Mormon church...


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