Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Woohoo! Liberal Victory! YES - AWESOME.

So, what explains my behaviour?

I talked to my psychiatrist today - explaining to her my thoughts about how and why I believed that my family was monetarily loaded - mostly based on a statement my Dad made that our family will lose thousands of dollars to taxes with the Liberals.

I thought my money from OUYA had come --- I thought I finally got paid for my work.

My psychiatrist told me to ask my Dad for more details.

So, today, I did.

I was with my Dad at the zoo with the kids -- I asked my Dad if the money from OUYA came - no - no money from OUYA.  I asked my Dad, essentially, if we were loaded --- no we are not loaded.


I then asked my Dad why he thought he'd save so many thousands of dollars with a Conservative government compared to the liberals ----

My dad showed me a picture he took of a conservative attack ad against liberals in a newspaper.

Understand, that I've known since I was young that this news paper is for less educated people, and it's funny because it's the newspaper my Dad would read because he got so offended at an opinion in a higher-intellect newspaper one time.

Anyway --- my Dad based his statement that our family will lose numerous thousands of dollars in the Liberal plan on this ad in the newspaper for the under-educated.

The issue was income splitting. I already researched this issue last night. What the ad said was not really based on reality for over 90% of the canadian population.

Basically, my dad actually thought we'd save so many thousands of dollars under the conservative plan.

The problem is, you have to be very rich to save those many thousands of dollars --- if you are poor, like we are, the savings are way lower.

Most canadians would never save that much even with the conservatives. The newspaper just printed a big number that is not really based in reality for most people, and my dad took it personally.

Anyway ----- Yes ---- my dad is impaired. I would call it crazy, or impaired, or, AS I'VE SAID EVER SINCE I WAS 17 HE'S NOT VERY SMART.

I mean, I've been told that I'm the schizophrenic one and that my Dad is right ever since I was 17 years old ---- but yet again, this experience just reaffirms that I was misdiagnosed --- I was always perfectly truthful and correct that my Dad's unintelligent.

The doctors originally told me that my Dad's a very smart man and that i should not be rebelling. Guess what? AT 17 I HAD A BRAIN. RIGHT NOW I HAVE A BRAIN. I KNOW HE READS THE STUPID-PAPERS. I REALIZE STUPIDITY WHEN I SEE IT - I WAS, IN FACT, THE SMARTEST KID IN SCHOOL REMEMBER?

Anyway, I've spent years being told I'm schizophrenic because the doctors want to tell me that my Dad is actually a very intelligent person ---- I really don't believe that. Not for a second at this rate.

Anyway ----- the stupid-newspaper made a blanket statement that applies to very few, if any, canadians and my dad sucked it up and thought it was completely truthful in his own life.

Oh crap.

One thing I learned from my day at the zoo with the kids today is that mental illness really does run in my family.

My father had it. My sister had it. My sisters' kids have it.

I mean, my sisters' kids haven't been formally diagnosed, but I can see some of the problems already, and today I figured out that one of my nephews is actually mischievous and doesn't understand the value of proper decency.

I am going crazy living in this family. I deserve my AiSH. I could have had a much happier time if I had married Avril Lavigne --- BUT NOOOOO - KRISTIAN IS NEVER ALLOWED TO ESCAPE FROM ALL THIS CRAP.

My family is actually something like the Simpsons. As I understood it, we, as kids, weren't allowed to watch the simpsons because of the comparisons that could be drawn.

My dad is kind of like homer. My sister is kind of like bart. I'm kind of like Lisa.

Anyway, just craziness ----

and when such IMPAIRED statements are coming from conservatives, I AM GLAD THE LIBERALS WON!!!

WOOHOO! Yay Trudeau.

So no, I'm not loaded, we are not super-rich ----- most people still seem to be unable to pay an effing dollar.

All the crap. Over and over again. it never ends. I guess I was reincarnated to a level of hell, now that I look at my life in this world. Ugh.

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