Sunday, October 25, 2015

I love OUYA

OUYA is still OUYA as far as I know, so I call it OUYA.

Well, today my games suddenly dropped from their lofty points on the O-Rank and are all in the lower 50% of games, even reaching right down near to the bottom, on the O-Rank.

I have to say, that this ranking actually feels "more realistic" for me.

For much of the past week, Blaine Bananatree ranked in the 200's.

There was a time where if I sold an OUYA game I would see it pop up into the 400's. But BB was in the 200's with no new reported sales.

Either OUYA isn't making any money, or I did sell copies that aren't reported, and who knows what is going on.

Anyway, without reported sales it only feels more realistic that my games would rank lower on the O-Rank.

In fact, I might be talented in that I was even able to develop a video game, let alone 5 video games, but I KNOW that I'm actually not THAT talented, so when I look at many other games on OUYA I actually feel my work is inferior - compared to a lot of other games on the system.

It was amazing for me to see some of my games rank higher than a bunch of other games that I would have thought were "cooler games".

In fact, looking at the O-Rank ---- there are a LOT of great looking games on OUYA! They do really look great! And though a person might have sense of inflated self-worth about their own work, I look at other games and think the grass is greener on that side. Hah. :)

Anyway, just seeing all those great games on OUYA makes me realize how great OUYA is --- a great fun time. If only I had friends to play OUYA with.

But yeah ---- seeing my games rank highly, but then not have sales, kind of makes me wonder what's going on.

It only feels realistic to have no sales and to be lower on the rank.

Although, it is nice that people would take interest in my games so I'm able to see that someone played it (by my game ranking higher), I do of course, yet again, wonder about money. I grew up poor. I think I have a right to try and make a buck. Wondering where the sales are. You know?

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