Thursday, October 22, 2015

I just watched a video about Dawkins' "The God Delusion"

For a while, YOUTUBE was showing me a lot of stuff about Mormons and Christians and I decided the Christians were right.

Now YOUTUBE is pitting Christians versus Atheists.

I just watched Dawkins present a video about The God Delusion.

I think he had some very interesting things to say, that some of the things he said were even true, or at least truthy.

But, despite his good-natured way of trying to better humanity, his method of denying God altogether doesn't fit with what I understand from experience about my life.

To Dawkins, SCIENCE never proved or disproved God.

To me, SCIENCE proved God.

Ok, to explain, I will say that either "God is God" or "God is some kind of force that acted in my life that truly and really existed that is completely inexplicable through any 'reasonable' or normal method", or in other words, "There's something more".


It's interesting that the Documentary started with the Lourdes water thing, because I once ordered water from Lourdes to come in the mail. If there can be any spiritual or religious explanation for what I think I experienced in my life, it's either this, or a GOD who pours down his miracles upon all mankind equally.

You see, even if Lourdes water is not the real explanation for what happened in my life, I have to say that something really did happen which I know for fact and will never deny.

For a long time I was very suicidal.  Life was too much for me.

I prayed privately to GOD, by myself with no one else knowing, to kill me in my sleep. The wages of sin are death, so I asked God to kill me for my sins.

I woke up the next morning. I was not dead.

I found a book sitting on my bedside desk. "Never Dream of Dying" - a James Bond adventure.


The book actually was at one point in time a Library book actually, but how it ended up beside my bed on the table is a complete mystery.

I have had a number of experiences with God or even Angels that one might chalk up to Delusion or Hallucination,

But this experience with a book with a message miraculously appearing on my bedside table with no explanation is FIRM CONCRETE PROOF of "something more" AKA "God?".

Of course, it might just be firm concrete proof for myself or my family, I can imagine there are people who wouldn't trust this story, but I KNOW it was real - and I KNOW it is a true story.

Basically, I think Dawkins is or was trying to do some good.

But he missed the mark when he doesn't believe in God.

What is the ABSOLUTE BEST explanation for a book being on my bedside desk overnight that no one actually put there?

Maybe we could say I was sleep walking, found the book, and put it there myself. But I didn't even know we owned the book --- it is a library book after all, right?

Did I rob the Library in my sleep? OK, I really have no idea where it came from OK?

I mean, if it was my nocturnal mind sleepwalking that found the book, that means there's something very mysterious about the human mind while we sleep.

But, to be truthful, I have other experiences where I receive truthful messages beamed into my brain through telepathy, where I meet heavenly messengers - that sort of thing.

So::: I understand that it may be considered that I am completely barking mad. Totally understood that's some peoples' viewpoint.

To me, I am either crazy, or I am real. And some experience I've had makes me KNOW I'm real - scientifically.

Telepathy::: Proven. Repeatable. Demonstrable. Not perfect, sometimes dishonest, even often dishonest, fails sometimes, but generally repeatable over and over again in many demonstrations.

That sounds like a big claim, and it is, I guess --- but it's just what reality has become for me. Why would I ever believe in and claim to be telepathic? Why? Because I originally saw it existing in the natural world. Not many memories here, but I do have a memory of knowing things like "what the next flash card will be" when studying math and stuff like that.

I'm not totally awesome or expert at it, all I know is that it does exist. It is possible. And I do it over and over again, though not perfectly.  A real scientific discovery that was already discovered decades earlier by other men, believe it or not.

Does telepathy explain God? Maybe. I don't know the whole truth about everything I've experienced, but to me GOD is a very good explanation, especially as He's the guy I pray to a lot of the time. :)

So, the men of my family aren't very religious anymore, we've given up on Organized Religion --- but we know firmly as a fact that there is a "GOD" or "something more". Even something that does wild and wondrous things that we can't explain through anything more normal than by calling it "God". :)

So, it was a good video, it makes you think, but I come out on God's side anyway, though I recognize the complete garbage that religion may be.

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