Friday, October 16, 2015

How I'd Vote

OK - so this is where I stand on the voting issues:

I like the NDP because having grown up very poor, I realize that the very poorest people need help, and socialism would do that. That's the most basic way to put it. A more specific statement would say that affordable housing is important, or with their last election platform, limiting rates on credit cards.

I like the Conservatives because not taxing the rich too much might be a good idea. I'm basically a socialist with a conservative father who reminds me that if you tax the rich too much, things go to crap. i also agree with the conservatives that there should be restrictions placed on religions --- I'm not just talking about muslims, I remember writing to my old Conservative MP and saying mormonism should be illegal. Maybe we can pas a few laws against other cults too. Just saying --- I really don't think complete freedom of religion is in the public's best interest anymore.

The Liberals? I tried to keep an open mind to the Liberals this election, but I have to say, from what I've understood, their platform is the least interesting to me. I mean, I will have a positive attitude about them or try to have a positive attitude if they win, I don't want to be like my dad who has always been a grouch about the Liberals,

But, to be honest, the Liberal platform actually doesn't appeal to me all that much. It just doesn't.

WIth mental health issues, legalizing marijuana, which might have some positive benefit, is not necessarily a totally good thing. I grew up in the lower class, and though I'm more middle class now, a stronger middle class just isn't that appealing knowing how things go. Scrapping the fighter jets and running deficits anyway? Not for me.

Basically, I mostly like the NDP -- I kind of like the conservatives, and I'll try to keep a positive attitude around the Liberals despite how I agree with the Liberals the least.

It's up to you for you to choose how you vote. And whatever will be will be, I'll try to keep a positive attitude about anyone who attains the power.

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