Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Driving Lessons

I never learned to drive, because, mostly, I figured I and my family were too poor.

Yesterday my Dad told me our family will pay $8000 more in taxes because of the Liberal election --- my dad just told me our family is a very wealthy one actually.

I looked up the law and did the math::: there's no way my family saved $8000 on income splitting alone, first off, it's impossible to save that much on income splitting, second off, even if we did save that much on income splitting, my mom would have to be making seriously huge amounts of money at her job to save that much that way.

I mean, if my mom made that much money, that we saved $8000 through income splitting (which is impossible because IS never went that high) then we are so loaded that I have no idea why I never learned to drive.

My dad learned to drive in high school. Easy course, easy way to access the course. I never had that.

So::: Is my mom giving 8000 to LDS tithing or something and can't afford to teach me a skill that would go far in my life? Is my mom so busy with all her money that she just couldn't afford driving lessons?

I mean, if the money saved is a combination of income splitting and the new tax hike, then my family would still have to be earning over $200,000 a year. Maybe it's $400,000. At very least my mom would be making $130,000 (which I think is extremely not-likely).

If we made that kind of money - why have I never learned to drive?

I know I had a dream where my parents bought me an expensive new car ------ but if it's such a disaster that we're spending 8000 more on taxes, since when was I ever going to learn to drive?????

8000 would afford driving lessons easy I think. I mean, I'm getting confused at how we'd lose 8000 to taxes and still my parents never put me through a driving school.

I am so confused. If we were saving 8000 with the conservatives ---- WHY AM I UNABLE TO DRIVE??? WHY IS MY BROTHER UNABLE TO DRIVE???? We should be sitting on more money than we'd know what to do with if we are now being taxed 8000 more.

I'm confused.

If my Dad was just blowing hot air when he announced the family tax increase --- that's really kind of impaired actually. The tax problem wouldn't be $8000 in the hole if we were just a normal middle-class family.

Did I hear my father right that it's $8000?????? I'm pretty sure I did.

8000 is too much for it to be income splitting. If it was income splitting (or even if it's not), then we are so loaded I can't understand why I'd never learn to drive.

I'm so confused.

Anyway, though I can't quite know exactly how much he means, my dad told me yesterday that my family is pretty loaded when he said we pay 8000 more. And I've still never learned to drive. Sheesh.

It's possible my Dad is just crazy, and therefore I really-really deserve disability, but that dream from the other night of the great material wealth from economic prosperity can't be ignored --- my family hasn't told me everything.

In fact, it's only too likely that I'm actually not allowed to touch the money I made from sales of my products --- with my "mental illness", they don't trust me with those kinds of funds, I'm thinking.

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