Thursday, October 22, 2015

A very sad fact

You know how much I've believed in Jesus all this time right?

Well, I was looking at the religious proportions of some western countries, like Canada, USA and UK.

It's countries like these where my books and video games would be sold or distributed the most.

Also, in these countries, the vast majority of each population is Christian of one form or another.

I mean, I really like Jesus Christ, I really do, I think he taught some awesome things ------

But the chances are, from my laman understand of statistics, is that my games and books are mostly downloaded by Christians --- and a very small minority of users pay even a dollar.

Basically ------ all kinds of christians running the economy, consuming media - I mean, if 70-80% of people in a given western country are Christians, that means 70-80% of people who download my products are likely Christians. And seem unable to pay a dollar.

Of the 300+ americans who followed me on twitter for a chance to win a free copy of The Eagle's Sore? High chance many or all of them were or are Christians.

I just think about this a bit. Most of the population is Christian. Most of the population doesn't give a crap about paying me for my work, not even in the least.

Jesus said "Love one another" and "Love your neighbour as yourself" ---- but I think it's safe to assume that the Christian community doesn't give a damn about making me feel loved.

I mean, one reviewer for my book said my book wasn't Christian.

OK --- so I pray to God in my book, I have experiences with Jesus in my book as I question mormonism (the religion I grew up with), and really, I ended figuring out that the Bible alone is way better than any mormon scripture.

So --- though I have a serious personal relationship with God and Jesus in my life and in my book, one reviewer decided to declare that my book is not Christian.


The massive majority of the population is Christian. The massive majority of the population can't make me feel loved by paying me the buck I ask for, and even just mass en masse to take freebies from me that I pay for out of my own pocket but can't be bothered to actually buy the product.


I really really do like Jesus. I think Jesus is awesome.

But I'm getting turned off of Christians. If these Christians were loving people, maybe they could consider sparing me a buck rather than just taking freebies and stealing from me?

I really really like(d) Jesus. But if the massive part of the population is Christian, and the massive part of the population can't spare a buck for someone who works hard ----

then who gives a flying F*** about the Christian Church?

Sorry for my manner of speech here, it's just that so many smart people seem to use profanity these days, and I'm just fitting in, it seems. Hah. :)

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