Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Forge Arrived

Very shortly after yesterday's blog post my Forge TV arrived in the mail.

I set it up, it's a nice system, Razer really knows how to package things nicely and make a good impression.

I got the Forge this early because when I upload my updates for my video games, I want to make sure they work on the Forge without having to guess.

I just have to wait for my USB 3.0 Male A to Male A cable to arrive in the mail now, in order to hook up my new toy to my computer.

But, as of this morning, I have done some rewiring of my ICBM game. The game now uses the latest ODK, and I'm trying to make it work on the MadCatz MOJO but I'm not quite there yet.

I noticed the newer controllers don't have the touchpad on them like the OUYA controllers do, so I'm removing touchpad support from ICBM in favour of using the Left Stick to perform the same functionality.

The fun thing about implementing intelligence reports with left stick controls is I actually had to extend my own object in order to do it!  Technical geek happiness here, I enjoy building video games, even if I don't make much money and even if people don't appreciate my work so much, it's just fun to build them, and I just excited myself today by taking one object I built myself and then extending it in order to complete functionality with what I need to do with Left Stick intelligence report controls. What fun.

I've extended Activity objects before (obviously), but this is my first time extending my own object. Yay.

SO:::: problems to sort out:::: Making sure ICBM quits properly when the user tells it to quit, as well as trying to get the D-Pad to work properly on the MOJO, as well as trying to fix game saves which somehow broke in my process of bringing the game to the new ODK (I started that process a long time ago actually, I'm not quite sure what I've done wrong yet, I might not remember).

So,  I'll try to figure this out.

I have however, also edited my strings so they are no longer hard coded to say the OUYA button names, now they use the OUYA Everywhere implementation to use system-specific button names.

There are some other things I thought I could talk about, but it's not game related so I should leave that for another time I guess.

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