Monday, September 28, 2015

Telepathy and Obsession

The title of this blog post just vaguely references what I'm about to talk about.

Today I did a bunch of telepathy tests:::: most of them were completely wrong, except when I asked my mom to think of any english word, I said "Papoose", and she said "Whoopsie Daisy".

I learned the word Papoose from Epic Rap Battles of History.

But what's weird is: I guessed a word that had two o's, an s and an e in it, while the word my Mom says she was thinking of also has two o's an s and an e.

Like, last winter I was playing telepathy games with my brother-in-law's brother, and in mind reading, the word "Coffee" became "Cheerios". See a resemblance?

And then the same day last winter, I read my dad's mind saying "Uncanny" or "Unicorn", when the word was actually "Umbilical".

Basically, getting a perfect guess on a word is distant, but we can get like-sounding or like-spelled words sometimes. Fun.

Yesterday, however, in Alphanumeric Pick 3, I did manage to get 2/3 with my mom. It's the repetition of 2/3's and 1/3's over and over again that indicate I have some ability.

But, today so far as been horrible, except for the "Whoopsie" word-read.


So, Avril Lavigne started her birthday celebration yesterday.

The night before yesterday, I sent Avril a $20USD donation to her charity wishing her a happy birthday saying that because I have debt to pay off again, that I planned on being frugal with my money again so I could pay off the debt.

I got into debt again buying an expensive lottery subscription, and other expensive stuff like an iPhone 6s.

Anyway, if I had avoided debt, I could have easily donated plenty to her Lyme Disease fundraising campaign she started on her birthday.

She's basically using Prizeo for her birthday celebration, offering a winner to help her record her new movie.

Anyway, I could have donated tonnes if I hadn't spent my money on other things.

But, though I had told Avril I would be frugal --- I had a hard time with the temptation of possibly helping her record her new movie, so I ended up donating 3 times last night, paying $650USD (about $870CAD) to her Prizeo campaign. Not only was I intrigued by the possibility of doing a movie with her, but I also just love her so much that I have difficulty with the thought of her getting tonnes of gifts from everyone else while I give nearly nothing.

I could have bought myself a new iPad or a new Apple Watch with that money, or I could have just paid off my debt, but my desire to remain frugal obviously didn't catch.

I don't know how to tell my parents.

If I hadn't had debt (as I had paid off my debts earlier this year), I could have donated a lot more to Avril ---- but I kind of wonder if it's OK that I didn't, because I fear it might be wrong if I show too much obession over her.

Actually, considering the nature of the things I bought that put me back in debt, it almost seems OK for things to have worked out they way they have --- I have a new phone, I could win a million dollars any week now, and I was able to show a decent amount of love and support for my hero.

Maybe it would have been a bad idea to show a huge "over" abundance of love for my hero by giving her a great deal more money, and then not have anything left for myself and then basically only having a chance of doing a movie with her.

Considering her $2000 pledge level is a machine-gun-prop from a music video, perhaps it's better I didn't get that shipped to my Canadian home address, considering how the border agency and police would think about things that look like prohibited weapons. :)

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