Friday, September 11, 2015

Postie/Post Office Problems

Yesterday the doorbell rang. I went to the door

Our postie (post-woman or post-lady) told us something about how they had a replacement delivering mail for a while, and the replacement for whatever reason just didn't deliver a parcel addressed to me and didn't even leave the package notification at our door, and she gave the package notification to me.

So::: I have this package notification from our mail-lady. I checked my credit card history --- Everything i ordered, besides things like Kickstarter stuff, I've already received and everything is in order::: I wasn't expecting anything to come.

Anyway, both today and yesterday I went into the post office to pick my parcel up with my package notification the postie left --- and both times I was told to come in the next day or the next week to check again, because they don't have anything in their system.

Now::: the post office said they hold onto things for 10 days, the notification says they hold onto things for 15 days.

I received the package notification on September 10th, and the package notification was written up in September, although it is unclear if the day of writing was the 4th, the 9th or the 11th. Who knows - maybe it's an error and it was the 1st.

But anyway, so I've been given a package notification, and the post office is telling me they don't have anything.

So::: either my postie or a replacement postie decided to tell me I had been sent a package, when there was no package, or there is a package for me but for some reason I'm not quite allowed to have it.

Considering I wasn't expecting anything, both explanations seem plausible.

So::: I am capable of some telepathy, and my psychiatrist even admits that telepathy is scientifically known reality.

Am I able to tell what the answer to this puzzle is?

First off::: My telepathy has been right on many occasions, that's how I know I have it.
Second off::: My telepathy has been wrong on numerous occasions, that's how i know it's not 100% trustworthy.

I mean, I've done enough testing to know that even if I get an "answer" from that voice in my head, it might be an incorrect answer.

But anyway::: Do I have any answers from my telepathy?

Yesterday when I asked God, God responded saying it was something I will not repeat here because it's inappropriate according to my mormon upbringing.

But then today or this evening when I asked God what it was, the word "Lawyer" repeated a few times in my mind. Not sure what that's supposed to mean about my package though.

Basically, yesterday's telepathic response is not fit for a family audience, or a G rated audience, and tonight's response mentioned something to do with the profession of accusing or defending or doing whatever with laws and courts and documents and the like:::: A LAWYER.

So, therefore it's probably not something from Kickstarter. It might have something to do with OUYA or Avril Lavigne - depending on how you interpret and speculate about things I've been asking for or trying to do with these people.

Of course, I have no idea about that for certain, as I don't really know what this supposed package is --- I can only guess that if it's something I've talked about before it might be OUYA or Avril ------

And off the top of my head, I know there are some youtube channels where the entertainers get fanmail and items in fanmail, and I've also wondered if that's what this is::: some fan who got my address and wanted to send me something.

Do I really know what it is? No.  My telepathy just gave me a hint that it involves something inappropriate and the word "Lawyer" was repeated. Might be OUYA or Avril, but hard to tell or know for certain or which of either or neither. :)


On a side note, I just want to say it's so strange how::::

The LDS church raised me to believe I'd work miracles and hear the voice of the holy ghost, yet::

Yet I was drugged at the church's command for my belief in miracles and the stake president eventually denied that any such voice ever actually existed.

Anyway, it's interesting that I could see Jesus Christ face-to-face yet the church would think I still need my drugs when Jesus could easily heal me ---

and it's interesting that the church would drug me because they won't let me believe in telepathy even though I have demonstrated such ability provably and repeatably, and then the psychiatrist does admit such things are real.

So ----- why didn't the LDS church believe in my telepathic ability or even allow it, when it could be demonstrated, proven, and even admitted to by the doctor they had drugging me?

There's something very wrong with that church, my friends.

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