Monday, September 7, 2015

Mormon Stories

I finished watching the first episode of Mormon Stories where John Dehlin interviews Shawn McCraney, and then I went to eat some pizza and listen to some music --- but as I enjoyed my music, my mind wandered about what it would be like if I ever did an episode of Mormon Stories, to tell what happened in my life...

Well, basically, I only got as far as thinking about how the patriarch told me I would work miracles and hear the voice of the holy ghost --- and he said this to me in a written document I still have today, even printed on this website.....

and then the Bishop can only think to accuse me of worshipping Satan and sends me to psychiatrists who can't let me believe in miracles.

And the Stake President denies the actual existence of a voice from the holy ghost.

I mean --- holy cow --- how would that story play out on Mormon Stories with John Dehlin?

"The church ordered me to work miracles, but then they decided to force me on drugs instead" --- I mean, holy cow --- that's some Mormon Story aint it?

Basically, in my emails to local legislative leaders, that is one of the big major points I bring up about why I think this church should be illegal in my country:::: They told me to follow and believe something that they were just going to force me on drugs for believing in just months later.


Basically, it's like I told you that I'm the real Santa Claus and then someone forced you on drugs for believing it ------

A church that constantly reminds us of how true they are tells me I'll work miracles and then they force me on drugs for believing in miracles.

I wonder how that would go down as a Mormon Story with John Dehlin. Hah.

I talked to someone else about this a few weeks ago, he basically said that the patriarch and the bishop were "not on the same page" - as he put it.

Basically, the Patriarch can bless me to work miracles, but the Bishop doesn't have to care that about that actual mormon doctrine that says anyone under the right circumstances can work miracles and forces me on drugs for believing in miracles.

Yeah. Just think what kind of Mormon Story video that would be like.

Hey you - I'm the real Santa Claus ---- now take this needle up your arse.

I mean, it doesn't matter if I'm the crazy guy claiming to be Santa and that I should be the one deemed insane --- I just have to tell you that I'm Santa and then YOU are insane.

Wowzers. Idiocy.

I mean, I was told my WHOLE LIFE that this church was the ONE TRUTH --- I was practically hypnotized to pay my tithing ---- they tell me one thing and then drug me for believing that thing.

It was predatory I think.

And it would be an interesting Mormon Story.


There were other things which I mention in the book of Finch which also came across my mind earlier today, and really it can just be summed up that these people were "stupid" and "hypocrites".

I don't want to go into detail, but I could.

You know, it's so bloody important to break up my relationship with my girlfriend --- but though it's so important I can't be told an actual reason for why it's necessary ---- and then every reason that's given years later is provably false and they don't even have agreement on the reason ------- that's the stupid part.

The hypocritical part is when the church says these people who break up my relationship with my girlfriend have to be forgiven of their abusive and dishonest behaviour, while the church can't seem to just forgive me for having overactive hormones.

I mean --- seriously --- it is understood by SCIENCE that there are chemicals in my body that MAKE ME NEED SEX --- and the church abuses me for having these chemicals, and tells me I have to use magic powers to change my body chemistry -- but then drugs me for believing in magic powers, even drugging me with more chemicals that just make the sexual need way worse.

And in my own knowledge of my life I realize it could have been the ghost of my then-recently-deceased grandmother giving me those overactive hormones....

and though it could be a sexual abuse issue from a dead telative, and though it could just be chemical science, and though it's such a minor sin, the church will just beat me up about it, while they totally forgive someone who is abusive and dishonest.

Yeah right. What a Mormon Story that would be.

So yeah, these things just crossed my mind today.

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