Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Mail from Google

So, my brother came home from his first day at University and brought in the mail::: Another letter from Google!

OK -- this is just an ad flyer, from google, which is really different, and basically, they want me to start spending money on advertising.

I really, really wish I could.

I don't get paid for my work for the most part. Between being kind of poor and being told to forgive everything by the church, I'm also at a loss at how to deal with those who engage in copyright infringement against me.

I'm glad that I'm growing to greater "popularity", seeing as how google thinks I'm now important enough to send mail to, but in my experience from years before trying to sell my first book, I'd spend thousands on advertising, and then no one would buy anything --- and then people just ripped it off.

I'm flattered Google thinks of me this way, but I'm not rich enough, especially considering I spent almost $2000 on my credit card to buy a very expensive lottery subscription in the past few weeks because I do want my fortune, and I see that expensive lottery subscription as giving me a better chance of winning those millions than actually relying on people to actually pay me for my books or video games.

Anyway. Yeah. Google wants my money. I don't make enough money to make it worth my while. I already know from previous advertising binges that I'm probably not going to get that money back either.

So, I'm in debt again, deep debt, gambling debt, cuz I want my millions and I'm more likely to win the lottery than I am to get people to actually start paying me for my work. :)


On a side note, I noticed I got an email from someone from that old church I used to attend, they sent their message to an address I don't really use anymore for anything except whatever just happens to come in at that address.

Did I read his message? No. Do I want to? I am curious --- but I hear "curiosity killed the cat", and as such, when dealing with this church, I'd rather avoid any problems at all costs, which means I'll just leave this message unopened in my inbox, in all likelihood.  There's also a huge chance that this message was broadcast to many members and not a personal message. Or maybe not. Who knows.


I should also note that I do have some bit of respect for the LDS church still, I think they did their best to raise me to be a good and decent person.

I'm not perfect, and trying to figure out the right way to be might be difficult considering all the theology involved and the different things the different religions say,

But I just accept that the LDS church raised me to have some level of intelligence, so I could do well in school, and not be one of these kids who is totally, um, well, doing things they shouldn't. I won't go into detail here.


As for that comment about being crazy and seeing Jesus and all that ---- I never lied about any of my experiences where I claimed to see Jesus ---- I always had these experiences, and some of them were definitely spooky enough that it might be the truth, but i recognize I may have hallucinated or been delusional. I don't know the whole truth about everything. I have a note from Jesus somewhere, but it's unknown if it really is from Jesus or if someone at the church was pulling a deceitful prank.

Just imagine what it was like for me::: having a note from Jesus, seeing "Jesus", like, various interesting things happening, and then wondering what the actual truth is. Like, really, it's all in the past now and I don't think about the whole thing very much, but yeah, it was an experience.


Do I know that there's any way I can verify any magic? YES!!!! I am a capable mentalist!!!

Believe it or not ---- I'm PRETTY GOOD at guessing games. I'm not totally good, but I beat the odds, even in small ways, so much that I can not ignore this ability I have to see inside my mom and dad's heads and see the letter or number they are thinking of and write it down and usually get at least 1/3 correct!  And the odds of getting 1/3 in alphanumeric pick 3 are at least 1:12, or 1:36, but I have done better than event that, but anyway, getting at least 1:12 odds a few times in a row means something, I'm sure, especially as I have a method I use to look inside their heads and see what they're thinking --- it really is magic!! Or something "like magic", um, anyway, yeah, life's interesting like that.

But I am by no means a complete expert or anything --- it's obvious I make many mistakes. I just do well enough to know I have some ability.


And I'm just rambling. Talking about what's on my mind. I have some respect for the LDS church, they did some good, I just don't care to read their email anymore. And yes, I am personally capable of a little bit of "magic", it seems.

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