Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Making Distinctions in Crazy Law

One thing I remember hearing over and over again in Mormonism when I was growing up is how the LDS 15 apostles (first presidency and quorum of the twelve) were totally the type of guys who would meet Jesus and walk with him and talk with him.

The 15 Apostles totally meet Jesus right?

Well, then the church turns around and also explains that these men are NOT insane. There is nothing mentally handicapped about them --- they are totally in their right minds, AND they meet Jesus at the same time!!!

Now, in my experience with Alberta psychiatric law, from what I've understood it doesn't matter if your experience with Jesus is real, fake, hallucinatory, delusional, or anything ---- there ARE NO DISTINCTIONS IN ALBERTA'S PSYCHIATRIC CODE BETWEEN DIFFERENT WAYS OF MEETING JESUS ---- TO THE GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA, IF YOU MEET JESUS YOU ARE INSANE.

That's right!!!! I just think it's kind of hypocritical how the LDS church would promote their leaders as guys who meet Jesus, and then say they are not considered insane----

when in fact the actual local laws of my country consider any encounter, ANY encounter, to be CRAZY, INSANE, or HALLUCINATORY.  It doesn't matter if it really was a true meeting with Jesus ---- it really is just insanity right off the bat.

So yeah, it just seems unfair and hypocritical for these people to say "Our leaders meet Jesus and they're not crazy!" while EVERYONE ELSE who might have an experience with Angels or Jesus is AUTOMATICALLY INSANE NO MATTER WHAT.

No matter how you look at it, if you believe you've met Jesus Christ, those are automatic points towards you being considered mentally ill.

So yeah, I'm just a little annoyed and sad that they would treat their leaders like they're totally magnificent men who aren't crazy who meet Jesus, while anyone else who meets Jesus will automatically be considered ill according to the laws of the country.

Why is this distinction made??

The Mormons are, of course, shameless self-promoters, always trying to attract converts and constantly trying to remain in control.

Of course, the wool has come off the eyes of so many in our day and age that I think most people will no longer believe in that kind of nonsense, I think most people now realize that it was all complete crap.

There is so much documentation on the internet about all kinds of things in church history that the church doesn't tell you about or talk about, and things they do talk about and tell you about which they later deny ever believing ----- the whole thing is so dishonest that it really is just insanity. They just can't allow themselves to be portrayed as insane, because they are self-righteous about the quality of their people and all that.

Gotta go now.

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