Friday, September 4, 2015

I was a bit dumb...

Well, I got my email from someone at OUYA/Cortex saying they wanted me to port my game over to the Forge...

I decided to buy a Forge to make sure my game works on the new system...

I got the Forge and then ordered the Male A to Male A usb cable...

the cable arrived and I tried to make my ADB connection --- and failed.

I then tried just side loading one of my games, and then it struck me --- the OUYA/Cortex store and accounts are not currently available on the Forge!!!

OMG. My games won't work on this system because there is no OUYA/Cortex accounting system on the system yet.

I just wasted a lot of time ordering things online, and now I have to get my system back to spec to develop for OUYA again.

How dumb can I be?

But I won't worry about getting those updates in at this moment, it's 8:30pm and I've had a long day. Maybe tomorrow I'll get my system fixed up again and try to implement the needed changes. Whoops.

I'm so dumb.

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