Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Existence of Telepathy is Admitted by My Psychiatrist

So::: In Grade 11 Career and Life Management class I was taught that if you felt you had special abilities such as magic powers you are mentally ill.

I learned that if you feel thoughts are being taken out of or put into your head you are mentally ill.

And for years I've been drugged because I'm not allowed to be telepathic with Avril Lavigne anymore because my bishop said so.

Today, when I saw my psychiatrist (yet again) ---- the DOCTOR ADMITTED SOMETHING::::

My Psychiatric Doctor has ADMITTED that TELEPATHY IS KNOWN REALITY --- and the known science about it is that some people are more telepathic than other people.



Last time I saw my doctor, I did a number only pick 3 test with her which I got 1/3 on.

This time I did alphanumeric pick 3 with her, and I was "all wrong", but that didn't convince her I was wrong, she admitted it was scientifically proven.

Yeah, three weeks ago I got 1 out of 3 numbers right.

This time, when I made my reading, I said "I'm getting an O or a U for this first one", and I wrote down "O and U" --- for the second and third I had "T" and "S".

what's interesting about this is the word I got telepathically wrong from my doctor was "OUTS", although what she had written on her paper was completely different.

But even so, she admitted telepathy is proven.

Kind of like how my cousin years ago did the test with me and I got it all wrong yet he totally believed me about the reality of telepathy. Anyway. :) :)

So, I've been battling with the psychiatric profession in school and in my personal life about this for a LONG time ---- BUT NOW IT IS CONSIDERED KNOWN FACT according to my doctor that this stuff is real.


I wonder if I shouldn't be announcing this, but it just feels like a victory you know? Years ago I talked to a mormon lawyer and there was absolutely no acceptance of any possibility of telepathy existing, but now I have my doctor admitting to the reality. Yay.

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