Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dealing with my best fans is kind of painful

Well, I suppose it's only natural in my business that there's going to be those few crazies (like I once was) who are going to like my work so much that they want to be my personal bestest friends ever.

I was like that with Avril, kind of, she essentially claimed to be in love with me so I would want to marry her. She's played "hard to get" however.

Anyway ---- I suppose I could be somewhat ashamed of myself for how I deal with my best fans.

I mean::: I've had two "best fans" pop up in the past year, people who just love me so much that it gets unrealistic to deal with them.

I mean, one of my best fans was very interested in Mormonism and he liked me so much that he wanted me to come visit him in his country. And he started sending me messages daily. And I started to feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, maybe I shouldn't have talked to him at all because I could plainly see right off the bat that he liked Mormonism, but I was being nice and talked to him for a while.

Well, it's not really in my budget to come visit his country. I mean, people just don't seem to give me money --- so I can't really come visit him.

In the end I tried to explain to him how fraudulent Mormonism is and then I blocked him because I didn't want to discuss anything anymore with him.

But it's sad ---- because he absolutely adored me and I was nice but then I turned him off. Seems kind of harsh doesn't it?

And then there's the second one::: She liked me so much that she wanted to marry me. She was in love with me.

I mean, it's nice to think someone would want me: but I have to be on guard online, and I can't really afford to have a girlfriend the way things are.

Basically --- people don't pay me, so I can't afford to do the things these people want of me.

I guess I never have to do as they ask even if I did have the money, but it is kind of sad that I would be so "anti-social" that I would turn off/block my best fans.

I mean, I can be truthfully accused of being somewhat unkind to my own very best fans.

I'm introverted - I don't handle socializing very well. I also can't afford to come visit you in your country, nor can I afford to marry you.

I mean, it's kind understandable now why Avril Lavigne's forum moderator kicked me off her website ---- I myself was a really bad offender about that sort of thing.

And Avril, of course, just plays hard to get. I mean, she'll behave like she's ignoring me, or that she's forgotten me, or that I'm kicked off her fansite, but then boom --- she's friended me on facebook.

She does give some sign that she doesn't totally ignore me, and she seems friendly a lot, but it's "we're friends, but not on the fansite".

I dunno. I was kind of wanting to get a date with her now that it's over with Chad Kroeger --- but I'm already guessing that the amount of donations I'd have to send to her charity is still more than I can afford, so I'll just have to give what I can and just live with being on the fringes of the Avril Lavigne fan community.

Anyway. Avril kind of treated me kind of similar to how I treated my best fans, if that's any consolation for anyone.  There are some differences in how these things are, but really, it's similar:: she and I both try to be friendly with fans, but at the same time we both need our personal space.

:) Yeah. Anyway.

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