Thursday, September 3, 2015

Broken MOJO and an Opportunity

So, I managed to fix game saves in ICBM easily enough --- I found one piece of code that came from who-knows-where that I just had to delete and boom --- the logic worked correctly and game saves are saved.

But for some reason shutting the game down and then restarting in on the MOJO is STILL broken. I CANNOT figure this out. I have no idea. Something just doesn't work.

And here's another thing that doesn't work: the D-Pad on my MAD CATZ CTRLR. When I hooked an OUYA through bluetooth to the MOJO, the D-pad worked fine, but the original factory controller requires the controller to be in mouse mode before the DPad will interact with my game. This means a player will have to keep switching between regular and mouse mode all the time to play my game -- and that just isn't right.

So, for the time being, and I see no way of changing this right now, ICBM might or will or may never come to the MOJO.

I just got my email confirmation that my USB cable has been shipped so I can start developing on Forge - just have to wait for that, and I'll get the game OUYA asked for to them with the necessary changes.

We'll see if they just want my one game, or if all of them can come to forge, but it would be nice if I could get ICBM to work on the Forge as well as my other games and distribute them there.

I dunno, we'll see if OUYA/Razer just wants my one game or if all of them can come along.


So, last night I found out that Avril Lavigne is splitting with Chad Kroeger.

What does this mean to me?

It means I'm going to try to get a date of course, so if Avril sees this, she's been warned.

There is some chance my family might try to talk me out of it, but I don't see why, and I don't know that for certain anyway, so basically, I'm just going to be trying to get Avril's attention and get a date with her. I think.

She friended me once on Facebook already before she got Lyme Disease, and at that time she was with Chad so I didn't feel I could ask her out at that point, and she's talked to me on the phone, but she was engaged to Chad at that time so I didn't try, but now that they're splitting, she can bet that I'll be trying to get her to come to Calgary so we can go to the zoo together or something. Maybe play some video games. We'll see.

Basically, Avril Lavigne is my hero, she's like the psychotherapist that helped bring me out of a deep-deep-depression and bring me back to good mental health.

I was just telling my grandparents in an email the other day about this new song from Disturbed called "You're Mine" and how I feel this song could be seen as me to Avril for what she's done for me. It is a song of gratitude and praise for good deeds.

So, it might seem old, it might seem cliche for me to do this, but I still have to or want to get at least one date with Avril Lavigne as the opportunity has presented itself. Yay.

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