Saturday, September 12, 2015

1 Timothy 6:10

I grew up poor, and as such I understood the value of a little socialism::: a way for the poor person to have a way of continuing on with their life.

Being LDS, I suppose it was also part of my character to want to make as much money as possible for the 'building of the kingdom' ---- though I no longer follow the LDS path, I fully admit I was very gung-ho at one time about being mormon.

In more recent times, I've been wanting to make money to do things like pay off debt, buy a car, buy a house, pay for things, essentially.

1 Timothy 6:10 teaches "For the love of money is the root of all evil"

I can understand and accept this as a truth, it's another reminder to just forgive people who refuse to actually pay me for my books and video games.

Basically, in my home city of Calgary, it is not uncommon to be approached every so often by a poor person looking for a few bucks to help them out. I ALMOST ALWAYS give something, usually a few dollars at a time.

I do this because the Bible teaches us to give to those who ask, lend to those who would borrow.

Basically, one thing where my Mormonism agreed with my Christianity was to just give and do things for people freely.

Of course, when I'm giving money to a poor beggar on the street --- I need to get that money to give them from somewhere.

I've been trying to make money selling books and video games.  Basically::: when I write a book, or write a video game, and ask for about a dollar as payment, this is my way of being a poor person looking for money, I see many people in my city going around asking for a few bucks --- well me advertising my books and games and trying to sell stuff is just my way of trying to "bum" a few quarters off of internet people.

Anyway, to me, it's sad, but almost everyone on the internet must be very poor already because most people will take my work however they can get it, but will refuse to pay the smallest amount.

I can only afford to help beggars on the street because of the welfare I receive. Without my government support, I wouldn't be able to afford anything. Why? I should be making a dime off of people if people were actually honest with me and paid me for my work --- I would have an income and might even get kicked off of welfare if people would just be honest and pay me honestly -- but they don't, so I need welfare.

Anyway, I can never get married without the money, I can never have my own place to live without the money, I can never drive a car without the money. I just have to live with that.

I can live comfortably on socialist welfare in my parents' basement for the rest of our lives.

Anyway, the love of money is the root of evil, so if people were less greedy, then people would be more willing to freely give to others and pay an honest price for a product.

I freely give to people on the street. My heart is not burdened by greed there. I also donate plenty to charity.

I also pay for all my products and services and honest price.

I'm willing to separate myself from my cash quite easily, so don't accuse me of having too much love of money,

But in order to have cash to be separated from, I need to make money, and this is where I see that the massive population of people online seem completely unwilling to donate or pay me that $0.99 I ask for.

Is there evil in the world? Yes, of course there is. You, of course, are not helping when you won't pay an honest price or donate even the smallest amount to someone looking for help.

Maybe my products are crap, that's why I ask for suggestions and comments, but no one suggests or comments, no one will give me anything either.

Anyway --------- I've spent years of my life being drugged for being crazy and because I'm being drugged for being crazy, I get free money from the government.

The doctors have fully admitted that I'm not really actually that crazy ---- the life I've had to live is admittedly so abused and tormented that I pretty much get my socialism from being deemed crazy --- although it's not me that's crazy, it's the world around me treating me poorly.

If the world would just pay for that book they downloaded and read, I might be able to afford my own house at that point for all I know.

But the world insists on greed and evil, and will not give me a dollar, and therefore I had to be considered crazy so I could receive a welfare benefit just to be able to survive.

Life is so abused and tormented in our world. It's amazing how much the simple act of paying for an item is ignored as philosophically moral by the larger part of the internet.

Anyway ---- I may be on disability welfare ---- this only allows me to survive.

I am not actually crazy. I have been verified as sane, and if there's any craziness in me it's from being around crazy people or living in a crazy world too much.

If people were honest, they'd pay me honestly. Then I wouldn't need welfare.

Anyway, just something to think about::::: The world we live in is filled with evil, including people's so great love of money and greed that they can't even pay an honest 99 cent price for a book they read.

This is just my righteous indignation I suppose. I'm being calm, being very forgiving, but realize that though the science of what was once crazy has been verified, the reason I was ever considered crazy and given the money was because people are just too darned cheap to pay the smallest price for ANYTHING.

I wouldn't be able to survive in this world without some socialism.

Anyway, just going in circles now.

Just exhorting the world to give freely and pay an honest price. Don't be so super-greedy that you can't even pay a dollar for that book you read.


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