Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tithing Money

I was just having some thoughts today about my experiences with the LDS church (big surprise there, I'm just obsessed you know?) and I already know from experience that my family won't want to hear it from me, so I'll just say it here:

I've given lots of tithing to the LDS church. Hundreds of dollars. Probably even a few thousand dollars worth in my short and worthless time in that organization.

Well, I was just thinking about this one trip I took with my parents to the temple a bunch of years ago --- no, I've never been through the endowment ceremony, my parents were doing "work" for their deceased relatives, I waited outside on the temple grounds.

Well, the temple at that time was in a small town that is very far away from where I live, and I needed a laptop recharge.

So, I found an unused electrical outlet on the temple grounds, and plugged in to recharge.

Well, believe it or not: One of the temple security guards came to harass and intimidate me about using the church's electricity.

I mean, I've paid all kinds of tithing in my life, but no matter: It doesn't seem to matter how much you've personally invested in the church already, they don't care, they're just going to intimidate and harass you for using their resources even if you've paid your part, which is usually way more than the cost of the resource your using.

Like, it seemed the only reason this temple security guy didn't give me a harder time was because I was waiting for someone who was worshipping inside the temple.

Back when I attacked the missionaries' car back in 2004 --- on a side note I can say it's interesting that they're supposed to forgive you even if you don't repent::: I paid for the damages and they still didn't really actually "forgive" me!

Anyway, the thing about paying for those damages was the church pretty much actually had me pay for the damages twice:::

The church promises special spiritual blessings for when you pay your tithing.

Well, first off:: I pre-paid for the damages I did to the missionaries' car. I had already more than paid the church enough tithing to pay for the damages I caused. But, that doesn't matter to the church, they don't care if you've invested enough and then demand your pound of flesh when the church isn't working out: even if you bought a stake centre for the church, the church will sue if you take a wrecking ball to said stake centre, so to speak.  So, I paid the tithing which was essentially pre-payment for the damage, but the church didn't care if I had already given them enough for that --- they wanted to be paid again (which I did).

Anyway, I just think it's interesting that the special spiritual blessings the church offers through the tithing program don't allow you to use their electricity without intimidation or even to take your pound of flesh worth when the church becomes too stupid for you.

I mean, all the 'spiritual blessings' the church gave me was this idea or even delusion that they had given me the special priesthood power to work miracles, which then means you're crazy and you then have to be forced on drugs. And the church doesn't even back you up or defend your belief in the miracles they told you you'd have::: the spiritual blessing they give you for paying tithing is to be drugged for believing in the kind of nonsense they teach you.

Yes. I just felt like talking about that.

I guess I'm obsessed and upset.


1) Paying tithing doesn't allow you to use church resources without intimidation.
2) Paying tithing doesn't allow you to take your pound of flesh worth in vengeance.
3) Paying tithing is supposed to be a spiritual blessing, but it doesn't even get the church to defend your belief in the miracles you were supposed to work, as they said you would work them.
4) Paying tithing, you will not avoid being forced on drugs.
5) You may have paid your tithing, but the bishop won't let you marry the girl you chose, even if she wants you too and the church said you'd be given your choice of a wife.

Anyway. that's all just my experience. And yeah.

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