Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Last night I was talking with my brother about things, I remembered some things.

And I just thought about it a bit in the past few moments:

The psychiatric doctors wouldn't let me believe in the miracles the LDS Patriarch told me I would work. The patriarch made it clear to me that I would be miraculous, but the psychiatric doctors wouldn't allow me to believe that.

So::: if I'm not allowed to believe in these "BS Miracles", then why wouldn't the psychiatrists allow me to rebel against the church when it came along trying to control my life with their crazy ideas???

I mean, seriously::: The psychiatrists told me the LDS church was crazy, and since the LDS church was trying to control my life with crazy ideas, you'd think I'd be allowed to rebel against them--- but NOOOOO, your doctor CAN'T let you rebel against an organization he's already made clear is just an insane organization.

I'm really confused:::

If the LDS church is the truth, then I can work miracles, and therefore the doctor was wrong to tell me I was crazy.

If the LDS church was a lie, then they've been trying to control my life with crazy lies, and I don't understand why I'm not allowed to rebel against that.

I mean, it's just maddening ---- what was the doctor's logic???

The doctor seemed ot think that I should allow a crazy lying organization to control my life with a bunch of crazy lies, while at the same time not believing in the crazy lies they were telling me, whilst still letting them control my life.

Doesn't make any flipping sense.

And that's one thing I remembered from the past.

Another thing I remember is how in our constitution we have "GUARANTEED FREEDOM OF BELIEF" --- yet the psychiatric doctors wouldn't let me believe in TELEPATHY even though it had already been proven to exist for decades.

I mean, I can legally believe whatever I want according to law ---- but the doctors were drugging me directly as a result of myself believing in something that was already proven to be true.


Yeah, just remembered some things from my discussion last night with my brother. Nuf of that now.

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