Monday, August 3, 2015

More reasons for being single

So::: in the past week I've been contacted by a woman from another country, and now she is essentially claiming me as her boyfriend.

Though I do sort of feel better about myself that a girl would actually seemingly want me, and though I do hope God takes care of this girl, there might be a few more reasons why I still can't have a girlfriend, beyond the paranoia of my ex-girlfriend's parents:::

1) MY parents are paranoid. I may have known Annie Liabilitry for years in person before we became better friends, but that didn't stop her parents from being paranoid about me.  Well, even though everything she said in her email may have truth to it, I know my parents are just going to be a little paranoid about any girl who randomly walks in through email and tries to befriend me, as I've already tried to explain to her. This might not be the best reason we can't have a relationship, but it is a big reason.

2) I'm not wealthy enough (yet). You see, the whole reason I wrote The Book of Finch is because some of Avril Lavigne's fanclub members suddenly started inviting me to go to Los Angeles and steal Avril Lavigne away from Brody Jenner.  Of course, I couldn't afford this, so I decided to write the book to make some cash. Book failed horribly. Been writing books and videogames since then to try and pay the even deeper debt of-- and failed horribly.

I have absolutely 0 ability to make a fortune for myself by trying to sell product. The original intent for me to make money was so I could get a girlfriend. And well, I still can't afford a girlfriend, even now that I've more or less paid my debts. Maybe after a while of saving, maybe I might have some hope of having a girlfriend.

3) Cold feet? I guess that's the best way to put it. Part of me wants a girlfriend, but most of me doesn't. I already explained on a recent camping trip I went on with my family that I will never marry and I'm happy to be that way.  And just a few weeks later, what luck, there's a girl in a foreign country who wants me. I dunno.

It definitely seems very nice that I have an opportunity to fall in love, but with paranoid parents, with incomplete funding, and with a heart already set on staying single, it's kind of hard to accept myself as having been claimed as a boyfriend.

I do hope God takes care of this girl, she seems nice, and I hope she finds success. It is still beyond me right now, however, to find love.

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