Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mentally Disabled (myself) Helping the Handicapped Fail

So, I'm the disabled guy, and the handicapped guy was in a wheelchair.

I'm mentally disabled. I am mostly physically capable.

Well, I was walking home from getting a snack, and I was walking home with a big can of pop in my right hand.

I approached a bus stop where some people were waiting for a bus, including this man in his wheelchair.

The bus pulled up. The ramp comes out (for the wheel chair bound man).

The terrain of the sidewalk and the grass and the position of the ramp was not right for the man in the wheelchair (in his position) to get on the bus.

First I am hesitant (first mistake) -- well, I hadn't yet reached the bus stop I was walking towards it still, but I was kind of hesitant.

After a little while of seeing this problem not resolve itself, I offered to help (good attempt), and a woman who was there took my pop and I tried to maneuver the wheelchair, but I was unable to do any good.

I gave up. The woman handed my pop back to me.

Well, she has a brain. My brain is disabled. My brain was obviously not functioning at full capacity, or my full capacity isn't enough.

Well, she had a brain, she just told the bus to pull up towards a driveway and she got the guy on the bus.

Good on her.

Maybe I get a point for attempting to help, but this was largely a fail. I did not have the brains to solve the problem at that moment, nor did I solve the problem in anyway shape or form.

All I did was get the ball rolling by offering to help. But my help failed. She had the brains. I am mentally disabled.

They got on the bus, and I just continued walking.

As I was walking along thinking about this, a man on a bike came up behind me, and I completely didn't notice him and he had to maneuver around me.

What a fail. Not a big deal (as far as I know), but it was a fail.

With all the support I give to Avril Lavigne, I'd have wished that I could be more help than I was.


In other news, OUYA (which will soon become "Cortex" on Forge TV as of the purchase by Razer) has told me they really like one of my games and they want me to update it so it works better on the Forge TV.

So, I've ordered a Forge TV.

I'm glad I had a game worthy enough of mention for OUYA to ask me to make the move, so I guess that's nice.

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