Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Got a Letter From Google

I just came home from a camping trip.

I found the only mail here that could possibly be for me is a letter from Google.

I got so scared, paranoid and anxious that Google was going to tell me to knock it off about the Mormons or something, that I'm having too many issues about them,

But, I manned-up and opened the letter: It said that there have been many people in my area doing google searches for me.

Really??? I mean, I get visitors to my blog, but I didn't think it was so much that it would warrant a letter from Google.

Anyway, I would wonder if all these searches or most of these searches Google refers to are me googling myself,

but if it's true that there are many people googling me in my home city --- um, OK. Hmmm. Social issues I think. Hah. :)

So, they were nice enough to also send me a coupon for Google Ads. That's pretty decent of them. I have no idea how I'd use that right now though. :)

I have to spend a certain amount of money in order to get a certain amount of discount ---- regardless of all the searches, I don't think I really make that much to make it worthwhile, unfortunately --- but who knows?

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